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Align with Your Highest Self
and with Your Soul’s True Desires

Raise your Vibe Daily AND Clear Limiting Beliefs and Patterns so they are GONE

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Did you know that successful people have a daily practice to shift their mindset?

It is not something you set once and it’s done. Just like you don’t take a vitamin once, eat healthy once or workout once and expect your body to be in great shape.


Thinking positive is a nice concept but we all know that it is easier said than done.  Especially when we are bombarded with so much negative information and stress day after day.

But that’s not even half of it. Studies have shown that approximately 90% of our
thoughts are subconscious. So how can you possibly shift it, if you don’t know what it is?

Just pasting a smiley face on top of things is like putting a band-aid on a wound without cleaning it first.

NOTE from the Creator of Vibes UP, Stacey Mayo:

At the end of 2009, I realized that I had gotten out of the habit of shifting my mindset. With all the challenges in the world and in my life, it had seemed futile. The things I had been doing to clear doubts and lift my mood weren’t working anymore so I just stopped doing anything. I received intuitive guidance that I needed to create something that would work for me even in these changing times and realized that many others needed something new and powerful as well. That is how Vibes UP was born.

I started doing Vibes Up as a bonus program for another class I was teaching. The results were so profound for myself and the participants that I have continued ever since. The work has evolved and has grown deeper and even more effective as I have evolved.

Now you can benefit from the same program that has been transformational for so many.

olaThere is a cumulative effect. I keep going higher and higher up the scale, the more of these I do.

I wouldn’t want you to stop them. It makes a huge difference in the days I do them and the days I don’t.

It makes a difference in my ability to focus, the amount of energy I have, how good I feel about things, how easily I am distracted or not distracted. Things bother me less. It’s just a better day (when I do Vibes Up.)

Ola Otto

What Makes This Program Remarkable

I have made it easy for you to shift your mindset and your energy.

All you have to do is listen to a different 15 minute recording each day (or if you prefer, you can read the transcripts).

I’ve done all the work for you. You just have to show up and listen at a time and place that is convenient for you.

But this program goes beyond shifting your mindset AND it really goes beyond shifting your energy.

It also clears out the most common beliefs that we human beings have such as
I’m not good enough” and “I’m not worthy” and loads more. (see below)

On top of that, we are also helping to heal the planet, one Vibes Up at a time!!! So you will literally be healing yourself and the planet at levels previously unknown.

The Benefits of Shifting Your Mindset and Your Energy

misc_22You are better able to deal with life’s challenges as they arise
misc_22You are able to hear the whispers of your higher voice
misc_22You can move past your fears and doubts and make progress on your goals and dreams
misc_22You feel more energized and alive
misc_22You can easily accomplish the things that are most important to you in your life
misc_22Challenges with family often become a thing of the past
misc_22State of mind shifts – depression, anxiety and volatility dissipate or release all together
misc_22A renewed zest for life
misc_22A profound shift in your relationship with your body, your thoughts, your environment and those around you
misc_22A sense of calm and centeredness to start your day
misc_22As you drop the old beliefs one by one, you get back in touch with your true nature and evolve spiritually
misc_22You start acting more Sentelligently* as you learn to recognize what you mind, body and the environment is telling you
misc_22You move up the vibrational scale as you progress through the program and continue to make higher vibrational levels your new “home”

* Sentelligent is a word coined by Stacey Mayo that refers to our highly sensitive and intelligent sensory systems.


I’ve been using the tools from Vibes UP with many of my clients and encouraging them to do it on their own. One client told me that she had a panic attack before an important meeting at her business. The only privacy she had was in the car, so she got in her car and rode around using one of the Vibes UP tools on her anxiety until she calmed down. Then she went back to work and went into the meeting in a much better frame of mind and more in touch with her power.

Thanks and Best.

Beth McKinnon, CPCC
NowBeth Empowerment Coaching,

Some of the Fears, Beliefs and Patterns That You Will Release in This Program Include:

bullet_blackI’m not good enough
bullet_blackI’m not worthy
bullet_blackFear of the future and uncertainty
bullet_blackFear of owning your power
bullet_blackThe need to impress others
bullet_blackReleasing overwhelm
bullet_blackReleasing fatigue
bullet_blackThe need to push through and force things to happen
bullet_blackPressure to perform
bullet_blackLack of trust in Your Intuition
bullet_blackFear of making mistakes
bullet_blackClearing past disappointments
bullet_blackBreaking through the impossible

And these are in the just in the first 30 days. Imagine who you will be in just 3 months when you release these old beliefs, fears and patterns and a whole lot more.

I listened to the Vibes Up on Overwhelm again today. What a difference it makes! I know where to start – and if I know that, I can see how I can finish! One step at a time”

Laura Deter,
Director, Mary Kay

Vibes Up helped me wake up all the way and realize who I am . It has been a  huge gift in my life and every time I do a Vibes Up, I get more and more of that. It’s phenomenal. Thank you.

Pamela Jorgensen,
Partner Manger, Software Company

Here’s What’s Included

    • 85 DIFFERENT Vibes Up Audios – approx. 15 minutes in length each – we send you one nearly every day with days off to get caught up. These audios do a variety of different things from raising your mood and energy, to releasing fear and doubts that come up in your life as they come up, to ridding you of the old, tiring beliefs that you have been carrying around for way too long and are holding you back from being all that you really are and having all that you desire.


    • Downloadable mp3 links so you can save these recordingsaudio-headset for future use, take them on the road, or even on vacation or listen to them directly on your computer. There are easy reference pages in case you want to locate and play a certain recording when a challenge arises


    • document-icon Transcripts of all sessions plus Journal: You can refer back to these transcripts to locate certain details or use by themselves. Save these transcripts to your computer and file in any way you like so that you can find the perfect one for your situation as it arises. There are also weekly journaling pages included to help you stop and take note of where you are in the process and how your life has changed.


BONUSES (for limited time)


1. How to Be More Content with Your Life Right Now Audio (retail $24.95)

This 45-minute audio is guaranteed to jolt you into action and change the way you feel about wherever you are right now.

You’ll receive a 3-page handout with the mp3 to help you identify those areas of life that are holding you back – areas where you are tolerating anything less than spectacular living.

You’ll learn specific actions to “zap” these tolerances, and instant change, along with renewed energy, is often the result.

2.  Peaceful Entrepreneur Guide to a Six-Figure Business (retail $27.95)

Learn how Stacey started her business and grew it to Six Figures and the 10 main strategies that she believes are important to grow a business in this or any economy. You will learn:

  • What often happens after you get clear on your “Big Yes” and why it is essential to move past these doubts
  • What being a Peaceful Entrepreneur does not mean and if you make this mistake, it could be deadly to your business
  • Some little known secrets about Pricing and Packaging your products and services in this economy
  • The Fastest Path to Cash in Alignment with Your “Big Yes”

Total bonuses worth $52.90


Vibes Up has helped me tremendously.nicolewhite It helps me be calm and centered and I learned that I can release things (and then move forward) and we don’t have to push through – it gives us an alternative (way to move forward with our goals and dreams) from pushing through.

Nicole White


Try Vibes Up For 7 Days for $7.00

If you are like me, you like to try things before you buy them. That’s not always possible but for a VERY LIMITED TIME you can do just that.

Now you can get 7 days of Vibes Up (7 daily recordings sent to your inbox and 7 transcripts) for $7.00.

Listen to the recording each day and see if they resonate with you and what benefits they provide. If you like them, do nothing and on day 9, you will be charged $29 per month for 3 months. That’s it.

Note this is a complete package. I have broken it down into 3 monthly payments  to make it easy on you.

If you want to cancel, it will be as simple as sending an email that says “Cancel” in the subject line to assist AT before day 8.

Now I fully admit, that the full value of this program is by doing it for 90 days. The sessions get at deeper and deeper roots as you advance in the program, and you will continue to go further up the vibrational scale. To get the full value you must be willing to make yourself a priority. So I encourage you to get an accountability partner and stick with it for the full course. (We will provide you with one for free). We will match you up intuitively with the best partner for you when you email us at and say “accountability partner” in the subject.
But first you must simply ask yourself:


“Am I worth 15 minutes a day?”


“In what ways do I waste at least 15 minutes a day?” (examples: tv, web surfing, eating to fill a void)


“What if instead of doing that, I finally made ‘me’ a priority?”


Commit to making yourself a priority and see what happens.


“After I heard the 2nd day of your Vibration Raiser Program: I was tapping on my Feng Shui Workshop which will be next weekend, as there was only 1 application until then. On Saturday, 3 participants signed in and on Sunday 1 more!!!

I’m sure this was because of the tapping! Thank, you sooo much for this program, I definitely will go on with it after the trial period!!!”

Have a magnificent day!
Karina from India

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