Trifecta Plus 5-7 Day Experiment
This experiment is for those who are ready and would like to have a really cool and exciting shift in their lives.
This is a “Let Go and Let God” experiment. I know letting go can be challenging to do at times. We may let go and then take control of the steering wheel again when we don’t see results fast enough or challenges show up in our lives or fear takes over, etc. Can you relate?
That’s why I decided to create a safe environment for Letting Go to see what is possible with in our lives when we do.
The experiment consists of Letting Go and letting God choose to shift/heal something for you with some F’REE Trifecta Plus healing transmissions. That’s all there is to it.
Source will scan your energy field and choose something that is perfect for you and is intended to delight you. It may be a small shift or a large one or come in an unexpected package tied up with a bow. Think of it as Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa in March.
All you have to do is:
 1) Click the link below and join in for free.
 2) Write brief notes everyday of observable shifts or results and celebrate them.
     ( Note what others say about you that is different. Sometimes they notice what we do not see for ourselves.)
 3) Allow the shifts/results to be whatever they are. 
 4) Send me your shifts, your miracles, your woohooos or post them at

This Experiment Is Over and Was a Great Success. Thanks to Everyone Who Participated.

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Love and blessings,
PS.  If you are doing a lot of healing of any kind and want to partake, then choose to allow Source to prioritize for you and trust all will be divinely done and integrated.If you are doing a lot of healing and have shifts regularly, you may not know what to attribute them to.
PPS. If you have a hard time Letting Go and Letting God (and who doesn’t at times) then you may want to listen to my short Letting Go audio once or twice a day. This is included in the experiment and you will receive it for free when you sign up.
PPPS. If you want to learn more about Trifecta Plus before signing up for this free experiment, go here: