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Tips for Living Your Dreams

In my book, “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid to This!”, I shared the story of Stacy Allison who was the first American woman to successfully climb Mt. Everest.

Here’s a brief synopsis of Stacy’s inspiring story.
It started one day when Stacy Alison was drawn to go rock climbing. She went with a group of people and was scared too death and screamed in fear along the way.
However, she made it to the top of the rock with the help of others.

When she got to the top, it was a feeling of exhilaration like no

other :)

She felt at peace, knowing she had done something that was meant to be.

Over time, Stacy chose to climb bigger and bigger rocks while earning her living in the construction business. Over the years, she had success and failures and learned from each one.

The first time she chose to climb Mt. Everest she failed even after careful planning, but she persisted and eventually attained that pinnacle success.  


You may have no interest in climbing rocks or mountains however, Stacy’s story is inspiring for anyone with a dream.

Here are some tips from her story to apply to your life:
1) Start with a “small rock” or ” one small step”.
2) Get support from mentors and coaches.
3) Go over, under or around your fears or transform them 
4) Be sure you have a source of income while pursuing your bigger  
5) Build your confidence “one step” at a time.

Over time people have told me they had read my book  and still had not taken a step forward towards their dreams. That is why I created “The Confidence Game” as part of my “Increasing Your Confidence to Build a Bigger Game” program to support you further.
Remember confidence is NOT about being bossy, aggressive, cocky, conceited or arrogant.  When people act that way, they are actually hiding their insecurities.
Healthy confidence is calm, peaceful and yet strong :)
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Positive Mindset Mastery is a new cool energetic bonus will help you shift your thoughts to the positive side of things as you move throughout your day without you having to do a thing. It will also raise your vibration. Wooooohooooo! 

A positive mindset is needed for every rock you choose to climb,  jump over or go around along the way to living our your dreams and playing a bigger game.

Love and blessings,