Is There An Invisible Barrier Stopping You?

For most of us, there is an invisible barrier – an inner shield that keeps us from making the kind of impact we were meant to make in the world. Generally that shield is trying to protect us from something. It is rarely logical which is why we can’t use the left side of our brain to plow through it. (as much as we would like to).

And actually plowing through it can lead to dis-ease because the body is trying to protect you from something and it will start out whispering and then get louder and louder if you don’t pay attention. An example of this could be mild gastric distress that turned into a stomach ache and then into ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome. Another example would be mild fatigue that eventually turns in chronic fatigue.

Allergies are another example. I recently learned that my sensitivity to petroleum was due to taking on other’s people sludge. I have cured my sensitivity to perfume and insect bites by looking at what my body was trying to tell me as well. I cannot claim that 100% of dis-ease is due to not listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us – but it is a very big part.

Many people do not try to plow through their invisible barrier – it is too uncomfortable so they just avoid it. They don’t really try to make a bigger impact and settle for playing small. They can justify their playing small with a lot of statements such as:

  • If I grow my business, I’ll have to give up time with my family – not if you learn to do it smart
  • I can’t charge more because I want to make my services available to everyone, it’s the spiritual thing to do –  you can have different levels of services or product packages for all income brackets
  • I have to work with one person at a time to make a real impact – you would be surprised at the little things you do that make a real impact everyday
  • I can’t start my own business right now, because… the list of possible reasons is endless

The list of justifications for playing small or procrastinating goes on and on. None of the above statements are true. They are simply a belief that is likely covering up an invisible barrier that keeps you from making the kind of impact you were meant to make.

What is it YOU want to attain and what is the reason you tell yourself you can’t?

Being a Peaceful Entrepreneur is not about staying in your comfort zone. Rather it is about moving forward toward your goals, learning to do it smart, noticing what comes up that makes it uncomfortable and finding tools and people to help you release those blocks so you can move forward from a peaceful place.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned over the past 6 months is that it may not even be our own issues that are causing the invisible barrier to block us from having, doing and being our best. It can be from taking on other people’s energy (i.e. emotions, beliefs, etc).

If you are empathic like me you can take on someone’s stuff when you pass them in the grocery store if you don’t know how to protect yourself (more on that later). Even if you are not an empath, we frequently take on the energetic belief system and patterns of our parents and ancestors.

I have found that my invisible barriers have been a combination of other people’s energy, ancestral patterns, my own stuff and even stuff that I brought into the womb.

No wonder it is so hard to pinpoint what is in the way.

Sometimes we can pinpoint what is in our own way and sometimes we need help. I am more adept at seeing what is in the way for other than for myself and so I have a couple of people I call on when I don’t know what is at the root of what’s stopping me. Notice I said root. It is easy to get at the surface issue but then it just comes back again. It is time to get at the roots. That is when big change can and does happen.

Hopefully you saw some things for yourself from this article. This will resonate with some of you more than others. And some of you will want more help than I am able to provide in an article. If you are ready to make a bigger impact and plow through your invisible barrier, I have just a couple of slots left for my Intuitive Brainstorming Sessions. In these sessions, we don’t stop at discovering what is in your way, we clear it.

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