Can You See ME?


You probably know about cover-ups from your experience with others and from what you are doing in your own life.

When a big name person or big company get’s caught in a cover up, we are all pretty quick to critique and condemn them for not being more forthright, honest or fair. Examples of this include…Martha Stewart, Watergate, lots of CEO’s and politicians I don’t want to name as they will bring up anger and that is not the point.

But the real lesson comes from looking inside. You see they are just a reflection. Maybe you didn’t skim money or take an insider tip or do what they are doing on a big level, but what are you covering up?

As a society, we have all been taught to put our best foot forward and I certainly agree with that. And we all have a dark side and it is not that we want to spew that all over other people either. So what is the middle ground? How can we put our best foot forward in our businesses and be really authentic at the same time.

People want us to be more authentic – they can relate to us as human beings that way. I think all of us have our authenticity sniffers turned way up these days. We don’t want to be taken for a ride anymore. We want to work with people who are genuine, and can truly help us get through these challenging times so we can thrive again but in new and different ways. Thriving doesn’t necessarily mean what it used to mean. It’s about thriving on life! And money to buy what we desire is also part of the equation but not the whole enchilada.

What does it really mean to be authentic? I am hearing that word being tossed around a lot these days by a lot of big name internet entrepreneurs?

Were you taught to look like you have it all together? I can remember my dad taking my hand one day and pointing at a woman and telling me, “don’t ever let yourself look like that.” I don’t remember what she even looked like but the directive stuck with me and I made it mean probably a lot more than he intended.

Anyway, I don’t have all the answers to today’s question but I thought I would start by telling you some things about myself that you probably don’t know. People do this a lot on Facebook and since many of you are not on Facebook yet, I wanted to share myself with you first.

Here are some things you probably don’t know about me:

  • I was born in NYC and have one older brother. From there I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Atlanta after going to college at Tulane. Okay, that’s the boring stuff.
  • My full name is Len Stacey Mayo although my parents always called me Stacey. In the 4th grade, I decided I wanted to be called Len and after my brother teased me and called me Leonard and I received mail from the army, I switched back to Stacey.
  • When I went to college, I thought I would become a social worker and join the Peace Corps – kind of ironic for a gal who doesn’t like to camp.
  • I majored in Business and have combined my love of making a difference in people’s lives with building businesses that make an impact.
  • My last soirée with politics was as President of my Freshman class in college, where I learned that I had no power to get us new washing machines and dryers in the dorms.
  • I stole a Coke from a crate outside a vending machine in camp when I was 7 years old. Luckily I got caught which ended my life of crime.
  • I love music but am not very musically inclined. I have fun singing with my hubby though.
  • I have always been a beach person until the last year or two when I got drawn to the mountains. Now I love both the beach and the mountains.
  • I created The One Minute Meditation™ to help me get peaceful and deal with stress during the day. I don’t remember to do it every hour either.
  • The photo you see on my website and newsletter was taken approx 12 years ago. Oops. Well, you can see the current me on my videos for now.
  • I get to stare at a beautiful 9 foot waterfall out of my office window every day that my husband built.
  • I’ve had my share of challenges – physical and emotional – which is why I am so passionate about helping others. I am not done with my challenges and share as I can of what I learn with my clients to make their lives better.
  • My first marriage (many moons ago) was pretty unhealthy and was to someone who had an alcohol addiction.
  • I have more wrinkles around my eyes than I like and wish I didn’t care. When I shoot videos in the right light, they are not so visible.
  • I am passionate about Peaceful Entrepreneur because I know there are better ways to do things for me and for you and I keep learning and sharing. I don’t have it down pat yet, but it’s a great future to live into.
  • I just read these to my husband and he told me he didn’t know some of these things either.  Amazing.

Would you be willing to share yourself with us too? Under the comments section, feel free to share something about yourself that others don’t know. Don’t use it to pitch – just share yourself authentically.

One step at a time, consider uncovering that which people may not know and see what starts to happen in your business and life. Note this does not mean telling us all your dirty laundry. It is just about being real. Find the balance that works for you.

We might call it the Authentic Experiment 🙂

Oh and speaking of authentic. Another reason I want you to practice coming out and be seen for who you are is because of my upcoming video contest where you could win $1000. So get your video camera ready and stay tuned. This will be easy. (Where’s that easy button when I need it?)