Emits Healing For Everyone in Your
Entire Home, Office Building, Car or Any Location!



No Walls Needed!

  • Can be placed on a nightstand, tabletop or anywhere in a location and be just as powerful as if hung on a wall. Of course, it can also be hung on a wall.
  • Sends Super Healing energies infused in that particular image throughout your entire home or other location such as place of work* or car 24/7!
  • Sends Super Healing to every person and animal in that location for the whole time they are in that location.
  • People who do not believe in energy work or do not know that it is healing art, will NOT feel the energies from it but they will receive gentle healing without knowing it. It will not hurt them in any way or affect their dharma. Think of it as a gift to all who reside in or visit your home or other location where you place it.
  • Also emits the Energy of Joy throughout the location and sends healing for blocks in the way of joy to all who are in that location.
  • It can travel with you in a car or suitcase if desired. It actually continues to work in full even while in closed spaces like a suitcase.
  • More than 1 piece of this art that is infused with the same healing energies will multiply the effects for everyone in the entire location. Example, when 2 pieces of this art that are infused the same and placed in the same building the healing will be hugely amplified and more than twice as effective and there will be twice as much joy emitted. ( 3 pieces of art in same location will be more than 3 times as effective).
  • If you choose multiple pieces of this art that are infused with different healing energies and put them in the same building, they will work together beautifully. You can also choose to put them in different locations.
  • You can also send this art to others as a gift. (They do NOT have to know it is infused with energy.)
  • Commissioned portraits and art by Stacey available on a limited basis. See below.


* This super healing modality will send healing throughout buildings of up to 5000 square feet. NOTE: no space is too small for these energies. They will not over-process anyone.

It is the Best & Most Powerful Portable Healing Art Available!

How Does It Work?

  • You choose 1 or more pieces of art from Stacey’s latest art collection below. The art you choose will be infused with the super healing energies described below those image(s), and with joy at the time it arrives at your location.
  • It will send the specific healing described, plus Joy 24/7 to everyone in the building/car or similar where the art is.
  • It amplifies any healing you are already receiving in specified areas so it works faster!
  • If you want 1 or more pieces of this art custom infused in a specific area other than the way it is currently infused, you can also do that. You will have the opportunity to choose that area and write it on the webform after you checkout. Each piece of art can be infused with healing for 1 specific area plus joy. Examples include: weight and fitness issues, addictions, intuition, mobility, self care, a specific talent, peace, harmony, cleanliness, community, or anything else.
  • The more time you spend in the location where the art is, the more benefit you receive.
  • It will not overprocess you or conflict with anything else you are doing no matter how much other healing work you are doing.
  • There is no maximum amount of this art you can have in any given space or in multiple spaces.
  • The more of this art you you have, the faster your issues/challenges/desires will heal.
  • To receive healing that will make a significant difference, you need to be in the same location with it (within 5000 sq ft) for 30 minutes or more (continuous or non-continuous time).

How Does This Compare to My Previous Healing Art?

  • Now you can be anywhere in the building/location* where the art is and get the full benefits when you purchase new art from this site.
  • Each piece of this art is infused with specific energies for healing specific issues chosen by Stacey.
  • Each piece of art emits joy throughout the whole house/location (*up to 5000 sq. ft) plus joy.

Stacey’s New Super Healing Art Collection

Art Prints That Are Energized With Super Healing Energies and Joy!

Click on Art to See It Larger

(Choose From Art Below or Commission Stacey to Create Personal Art For You)

Red Sky at Night 12″ x 18″
(Youthening & Protective Energies)

Purple Space 16 x 20″
(Heal Your Spirtuality, Spiritual Path)

Abstract Mountain Sunset 11 x 17″
(Protection from Abuse and Negative Energies From Others)

Purple Ocean 12 x 16″
(Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health)

Rocky Ocean 12 x 18″
(Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health)

Abstract Flowers 16 x 20″
(Good Fortune in All Ways/Abundance in All Ways)

Bono 11 x 15″
(Healthy Success in Any Area, Wealth, Philanthropy & Clear Fears of Visibility)

Bird At Sunrise Too 16 x 20″
(Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health)

Beach Scene 16 x 20″
(Physical Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health)

Elephant and Girl  12 x 16″
(Protection & Safety)

Bright Sunrise 12 x 18″
(Awaken to Your Divinity)

Cougars 12 x 18″
(Healthy Relationships and Pure Love)

Dancers 12 x 16″
(Friendship, Fun and Ability to Dance Well)

George the Giraffe 12 x 15″

Girl With Big Eyes 15 x 15″
(Inner Child Healing)

Lighthouse 11 x 15″
(Direction & Clarity)

Here’s Looking At You 11 x 14″
(Inner Child Healing)

Lakeside Sunset 16" x 20"Lakeside Sunset 16″ x 20″
( Serenity)

Light Over Ocean 16″ x 20″
(Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health)

Golden Mind Abstract 15 x 15″
(Wealth & Brilliance)

Love Sunset At The Beach  15 x 15″
(Pure Love and Loving Relationships)

Mick Jagger 12 x 18″
(Epic Healthy Success in Any Area, Wealth & Clear Fears of Visibility)

Moonscape 12 x 18″
(Support in Shining Your Light)

Mountain Sunset 12 x 18″
(Protection From Abuse & Negative Energies From Others)

Polly Parrot 12 x 16″
(Speak Your Divine Truth)

Taylor Swift 15 x 15″
(Healthy Success in Any Area, Wealth & Clear Visibility Fears)

Scenic Blue Abstract 15 x 15″
( Peace and Serenity)

Red Sunrise 12 x 18″
(Awaken to Who You Are)

Stevie Wonder 16 x 20″
(Healthy Success in Any Area, Wealth & Clear Fears of Visibility)



Only Time This Discount Will Be Offered!   

A Down Payment Will Hold Your Space

Examples Of Portraits Done By Stacey:

NOTE:  Commissioned portraits are only shown when permission is given the the client to do so.


Vincent as The Flash

Vera as Wonder Woman

Our superhero portraits are great!. They look as good in person as the image of them you sent us to  approve. Vincent said he likes them so much that he wonders why we didn’t order them bigger.

Vera M.

  • You can choose to have a portrait done in regular, superhero or other agreed upon style by Stacey of:
    • yourself,
    • any single member of your family (people only, no pets)
    • someone you respect greatly or consider to be your superhero.
  • This portrait will be done from a photo you submit to Stacey to use if it is to be of you  someone you know.  If you want it done of someone someone famous, Stacey will/can find images to base the portrait on.  If it is someone you know, you can take this photo yourself with a phone camera or other camera. It must be a good clear picture.
  • The custom portrait will be infused with superhero energies and energies for great success, wealth, health, relationships and all desired for your entire family. When you place this portrait in a home or other building, it will emit special energies that heal you and your immediate family including a spouse you twice as fast 24/7. YOUR FAMILY DOES NOT NEED TO LIVE WITH YOU TO BENEFIT.
  • It will also heal all your pets (current and future) that reside with you.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Your family does not have to be in the location of the art to benefit. Source will align you with the healing energies from the portrait so it heals your entire immediate family and pets as it heals you.
  • You can choose the style you want for your portrait. It can be full length, head shot or in between. It can be black and white or color.  It can be superhero style or you Stacey me what you would like and she will let you know if she can do that.



  • Email Stacey directly if interested in commissioning a portrait. She will provide you with a  custom quote. Let her know who you want a portrait of,  if you want it black & white or color and if you have a style preference for the portrait. If it is to be of someone you know, attach a clear (in focus) photo of the person you want a portrait done of.  This is what Stacey will base the portrait on. (email stacey AT If it is to be of someone famous, let her know a general idea of the type of portrait you want of them and if you want anything else in the portrait beside them.
  • Send  request for estimate to stacey AT



  • If you would like to have Stacey paint a personal painting for you based on an idea or photo you have, please email her to discuss. Note your ideas and attach any photos or sketches of it in the email.
  • The custom painting will be infused with energies for great success, wealth, health, relationships and all desired for your entire family. When you place this portrait in a home or other building, it will emit special energies that heal twice as fast 24/7 for healing your immediate family (your parents, your children, and brothers and sisters including immediate step family).
  • It will also heal all your pets (current and future) that reside with you.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Your family does not have to be in the location of the art to benefit. Source will align you with the healing energies from the portrait so it heals your entire immediate family and pets as it heals you.
  • Send  request for estimate to stacey AT

Here’s what people are saying about Stacey’s Healing Art and these Healing Energies!

My Income Went Up Significantly!

I manifested more income to meet and surpass my obligations after having your art for 5 days!

~ Harry C

My Debt Went Down to Nothing!

I am amazed. After being around your art for 1 week, my debt is now zero. I received a gift to cover all of it.

Thank you!

~ Bonnie R.

Your Art Obviously Helped Me Heal Faster!

I was sick while out of town for a month with a respiratory infection.. When came back home and spent a couple hours of day in room with the art, I noticed I felt better and healed much faster (even though I was receiving healing 24/7 while I was gone). Your art obviously helped me heal faster.

~ Lorraine C.

The 2 Art Paintings Arrived and They Are Beautiful!

I just want to let you know that the two art paintings from Stacey have arrived in our home today, they are Beautiful :-)

~Mary C.

I Feel Uplifted Emotionally When I Look At Them!

I want to tell you that the Empowered Artwork that I bought in January for Alexi – Sunrise over Ocean, and for myself – Light in Ocean as well as the artwork I bought for myself in April – Beach Scene, are so beautiful and it is a delight to look at them.

The Beach Scene is leaning on the wall in front of my bed and the colours are so beautiful to look at, so thank you.

I feel uplifted emotionally when I look at them.


My health issues resolve faster with this healing. My sinus infections either don’t become painful or if they do, they typically heal quickly.

~Larry S.

I no longer worry about things. I never thought this would be possible for me as I often referred to my dad as the world’s biggest worrier and knew I had inherited the tendency. Not worrying has not caused me any problems. My life is much better for it. Thanks so much for your healing program!”

~Lynn G.

I do not let politics or the news upset me.Thanks to your program, I am able to discern what is the truth on social media and the news and what is not and that helps a great deal.”

~Helene J.

I don’t get upset when things don’t work out the way I had hoped. I trust it will all work out and amazingly, it does. Thank you.”

~Robert M.

I am happier than I can remember. Often it feels like I am happy for no reason ?”

~Penny K.

I don’t get stressed about money challenges or taxes. I just got my tax bill. My calm, centered response was, “well, it’s time to pay taxes.” I know this happens every year and I took all the deductions I could. I feel peaceful about it.”

~Larry S.

My life partner is happier than I’ve ever seen him and we’ve been together a long time. Being around him often makes me smile. I am glad I enrolled him in this program”

~Ellen S.

My knees haven’t bothered me in a long time. I can climb stairs, lift, bend and stoop with no issues or pain.

~Barbara W.

I am able to be at peace even when I hear crap and abuse that appears to be in my mind from old programming. This has helped me immensely as I go about my daily life. Much gratitude.”


I find myself being compassionate to others and lending a helping hand . This is a huge shift.”

~Roger N.

All of a sudden, headhunters have been contacting me about possible jobs. I had let go of being able to find a job in my field and wasn’t even looking. I was able to update my resume quickly.”

~Lisa R.

“I am more relaxed about things and find myself laughing more. This is good.”

~Francine D.

“My intuition is stronger. I feel more confident in my decisions. I am able to discern what are my thoughts, emotions and beliefs and what is from old programming from abuse.”

~Keri G.

“I am more accepting and much less judgemental of others.”

~Kyle B.

“I found myself easily making lemonade out of lemons when we were faced with a hurricane evacuation. I ended up building stronger relationships with family and really enjoying my time.”

~Evelyn S.

“I find I am able to go into a meditative state very quickly without needing a mantra or needing to focus on anything. This is very new for me. I am able to do this even though I hear old programmed voices in my mind (negative entities).

~Jenni S.

I Just Got My Art and It is So Beautiful!

“Hi Stacey! I just got my angel picture and she is so beautiful I love it! I am so grateful to have her! You are very talented! I also love the way it is packaged very securely for shipping!”

~Sonja C.

After 1.5 Days With Your Art, I Had Virtually No Pain!

“I had your Light Over the Ocean art for 1.5 days before going to India and was in front of it for many hours.
I notice I am drawn to it. I feel calm and peaceful when sitting in front of it.

Went to India and my schedule was grueling with 8 hours a day on my feet. I found I could move with ease and virtually no pain in my leg that had been at pain levels of 8 previously. I was standing and walking and on my feet the entire day. Even even in heels, there was no pain .

The only thing that was different in my life was your art.”

~Y. C.

“I sense my thyroid is doing better since I got your art. Thank you so much.”

~Larry J.

“I received my art and absolutely love it. Please keep making more of your art available.”

~Judy M.

“Since receiving my art, my back is stronger and I am able to do gardening and heavier lifting again!”

~Judy M.

“I notice that my symptoms pass much more quickly since I’ve had the art. Yay!”

~Judy M.

“My husband’s business has grown a lot since he put your art in his office. We are both grateful.”

~Robin S.

“I have more confidence in being myself lately. Thank you.”

~Nancy W.

“When I think about the political situation in our country and the world, it still bothers me but not as much. I do what I can to help the world and others and then remember I am the creator of my own life. It helps to focus there.”

~Maria T.

My cat is benefiting from the art too. Her eyes are clearer and she is able to move her neck with more ease. She even looks cuter.”

~Charlene W.

“My mouth was so sore and painful that I could barely eat. That cleared in just a few days without ever going to a doctor. Thank you.”

~Barb N.

My whole family’s skin looks better and my husband and I both look younger and feel more attractive. Thank you!”

~Lori L.

My dog has better habits. He asks to go out for walks each morning while before we had to carry him outside. Thank you!”

~Jack B.

“I am amazed at how good my intuition is. I have been right on the money on things I sensed in my daily life.”

~Paul G.

“I am master of my own destiny . . . not a victim. I never considered myself a victim before but this is a definite shift to feeling more empowered in my life. Thanks much.”

~Yvette S.

“The art is beautiful! I love it! Being passionate about horses, have ridden and had horses all my life. The horse you painted is just stunning, you are very talented in many ways !! Thank you so much. The is in my bedroom so I spend lots of time with him !!”

~Maxine P.

“I hung my art in my living room and love it.Three days later, I noticed I am taking a lot more initiative and am getting much more accomplished than ever and am doing it with ease”

~Keri N.

“Thanks so much for the beautiful print. I am settling less and asking for what I want in a way that works.”

~Elaine D.

“I placed my art in my office and am creating wins-wins with my customers and doing more creative marketing in my business.

~Martha C.

“I opened the art I ordered from Stacey today and am very happy! It is beautiful. It looks even better than it looked on the website. Thanks so much.”

~Adriano C.

I love my Vogue Collection prints. I am trusting my intuition and taking actions in alignment with it.

~Angela W.

If you have questions about this healing art for you or someone else, please email me at stacey AT

If you have administrative questions or challenges buying this art, please email at assist AT


Super Money Infusion Activation & Alignment for Life!

Starts As Soon As You Purchase Your Art!

(Value $197)

  • This activation will heal the deep causes of your money issues and challenges hugely faster than ALL previous money programs and activations. (including Stacey’s Wealth Acceleration program)
  • It heals significantly faster than all other healing programs that help heal money issues.
  • When combined with other healing programs, it will enhance the benefits you get from those and help them work more effectively and efficiently
  • If you purchase more than 1 piece of art, you will get a Money Infusion Activation for every piece of art purchased. You can choose who these go to or keep them all for yourself for multiplied benefits.
  • If you received one or more of  these Money Infusion Activations before, these new ones will more than double the the benefits you currently get from them.


Amazing Value! Great Gift!

Save $$$ on Healing For Self and Others!

  • Compare to the cost of 2 one hour Master Level healing sessions! This art keeps healing for as long as you keep it AND heals everyone in the home/building in the area it is infused with. It sends these healing energies and joy throughout the location 24/7.
  • PLUS Receive Beautiful Art!

How to Purchase:

  • The art is custom printed and will ship within 2-3 weeks from time of purchase.
  • Simply choose art from this collection that you want to purchase. You will be taken to a page to choose the art you want when you click the link below.
  • After you checkout, you will be taken to a webform that you need to complete to finalize your purchase. That is where you can also write if you want 1 or more pieces of art to be custom energized in a certain area. NOTE: If you are happy with the way the art is going to be energized, do NOT write anything in that field.
  • You can purchase as many pieces of this art as desired.
  • There is a $10 discount on each piece of art when you bundle (purchase) more than 1 piece of art at a time at checkout and use the coupon code: multiple. NOTE: You have to purchase multiple pieces at one time to receive the discount.
  • Paypal deferred payments with no interest is an option for those who are eligible.
  • All of the art will be shipped to the address you provide. We ship anywhere in the world at very reasonable rates.The art is custom printed and will ship within 2-3 weeks from time of purchase.

Purchase  Below!

Use the Link Below That Says “Choose Your Art and Place Your Order”!

Regular Price for 1 Super Energized Art Print: $247

Special Price for 1 Super Energized Art Print: $197 (save $50 off the regular price)

Use link below to place your order

Regular Price for 2 or more Super Energized Art Prints: $247 each

Special Price for 2 or more Super Energized Art Prints: $187 each (save $60 each off regular price!)

You will be able to purchase  the art at this price when you use the coupon code “multiple” at the time of checkout.

Use link below to place your order.



You will be able to choose which of the healing art you want when you click the link below.

About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™, Counter Programming, Ideal Weight Program, Eye Healing Transmissions, Youthening, Empowerment Heal Art, Regenerate and Grace Healing Transmissions and Energetic Gene Replacement Healing Process. plus more. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 and has been in business for over 24 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive, Master Level Healer, Master Level Coach, Wealth Intuitive(tm) and teacher of Medical Intuitives and Healers.

She is an award-winning author, has appeared on the CBS evening news segment Confident Women, and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, and Woman’s Day. She is the former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds after 14 days from the time you receive the art. The art must be returned in excellent condition to qualify for a refund. If the recipient does not like the art you chose for them, they may select another piece from this collection within 2 weeks. After that time, there are no exchanges.


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