Intuitive Consulting and Strategy Session

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Are You Tired of Allowing Your Old Patterns

to Run the Show?


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 It is highly likely that your success patterns are outdated and causing you to work harder than is needed.  They are energetically engrained in your field and run the show more than you know. If any of the following resonate , this is likely true for you.


      Which ONE of the following 11 resonate with you the most?:

  • You are tired of getting the same results, no matter what you do or try.
  • You have you hit a plateau in your career or business.
  • You are wondering what is next for you that will bring you joy and abundance.
  • You tend to attract dysfunctional work environments or business associates.
  • You are tired of doing things the hard way.
  • You are feeling stalled or exhausted.
  • You are confused and feel like you are going in circles or making little to no progress.
  • You know where you are headed but are unsure of the best way to get there.
  • You feel blocked about something related to your career or business.
  • You have too many ideas and scatter your energy among them time after time.
  • You keep trying new ways and ideas but eventually end up in the same place.

Which one(s) did you select?

It is a good time to bust through these patterns and obstacles and doing so
has never been easier.

Bring one or more of your issues to a phone or skype session with me and I

will support you in having a breakthrough. 



  • Intuitive Guidance and Consulting
  • Brainstorming
  • Strategizing for Your Future





BONUS 1:  Vibes UP  ( Retail Approx. $97)

Raise your Vibe Daily AND Clear Limiting Beliefs and Patterns in Common Challenging Areas. Includes over 85 short daily audios with transcripts.Vibes UP  Stacey Mayo

Did you know that successful people have a daily practice to shift their mindset?

It is not something you set once and it’s done. Just like you don’t take a vitamin once, eat healthy once or workout once and expect your body to be in great shape.

Thinking positive is a nice concept but we all know that it is easier said than done.  Especially when we are bombarded with so much negative information and stress day after day.


BONUS 2: Worry-Free Business Audio  (Retail $97)


worry free business building audio  sentelligent  Stacey Mayo business building success patternsReceive a BRAND NEW AUDIO that will release those worries that come up for you on a daily basis and energetically keep you from attracting well-paying clients and moving forward with your marketing initiatives and growing your business.





Schedule your time on my calendar with the link below for an

Intuitive Consulting and Strategy Session

Investment: $600

Intuitive Consulting and Strategy Session





Love and blessings,

Intuitive Consulting and Strategy Session





About Stacey Mayo


A well-known coach with a wide following, Stacey Mayo was a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. As director of the Center, she has assisted thousands of people across the nation in living out their dreams with amazing results. Stacey is a Master Certified Coach, a Medical Intuitive, a Career Intuitive,  and Intuitive Consultant, creator of The Sentelligent Solution and The One Minute Meditation. She teaches and certifies people to be Sentelligent Medical Intuitives. She is a Certified Career Intuitive and a Certified Career Coach and works with people to identify and change the energetic patterns that are outdated and keep them from having the success and life they love.  She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University. 

Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Woman’s Day. She is a popular public speaker and author of “I Can’t Believe I Get PAID to Do This!”, named Best Book by USA Book News and for which she was recognized as Georgia Author of the Year. Stacey is excellent at intuiting your purpose, gifts, success patterns, relationship patterns, health patterns and what is in the way of you going forward with ease and abundance.and at teaching.



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