Sentelligent Solution Starter Kit

A total of 8 incredible gifts to get you further down the road on your sentelligent path. Includes:

Gift 1: A series of audios on How to Live Sentelligently

Applying Sentelligence To Your Dreams
Tip #1: Shift Your Energy in an Evolutionary Way
Tip #2: Tapping Into Your Intuition and Higher Guidance
Tip #3: Leading from Your Heart
Tip #4: Stretching Outside Your Comfort Zone Sentelligently
Tip #5: Blending Proven Strategies That Work with your Heart’s Desires
Tip #6: The Gifts of Collaboration and Community

Gift 2: Video The One Minute Meditation (OMM)

Gift 3: How to Muscle Test for supplements, good foods, etc (pdf file with photographs)

Gift 4: The Peaceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Six Figure Practice

Gift 5: Video about living out your purpose and mission in life

Gift 6: Questions and answers about starting your own biz (audio)

Gift 7: How to Know if You Have the Ability to be a Healer (special report)

Gift 8: Sample of medical intuitive reading (excerpt)

Gift 9: Living Your Dreams inspirational newsletter

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