Here are the 8 incredible gifts to get you further down the road on your sentelligent path.
Be sure to create a file folder for Sentelligent Solution and put this
email in it so you can come back to it to download more of your gifts.  
You can place notes on your calendar and set a
reminder to download a gift every day or two as these are very brief
audios, videos and reports. That way you will get the full benefit of
these incredible gifts.
Your Sentelligent Solution Starter Kit Includes:
Gift 1. A series of audios on how to living sentelligently
Gift 2: Video The One Minute Meditation (OMM)

Gift 3: How to Muscle Test for supplements, good foods, etc

Gift 4: The Peaceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Six Figure Practice

Gift 5: Video about living out your purpose and mission in life  http://www.

Gift 6: Questions and answers about starting your own biz (audio) Listen or right click to download now

Gift 7: How to Know if You Have the Ability to be a Healer (special report) http://www.

Gift 8: Sample of medical intuitive reading (excerpt)

Gift 9: Living Your Dreams inspirational newsletter (check your inbox)



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