Program for Singles

Attracting and Creating Your
Best Relationship Ever!

This program was created for singles who want to attract their twin flame and create the relationship of their dreams!!!

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Most people have experienced 1 or more of the following challenges in relationships:

Which of the following can you relate to:

  • Not feeling understood or heard by your partner
  • One person loses interest
  • Some form of verbal, emotional or physical abuse
  • Inability to talk about difficult subjects in a way that works
  • Lack of equality
  • One person takes on too much responsibility
  • Losing yourself
  • Romance dwindles
  • Original basis for relationship was sexual attraction and depth is lacking
  • Staying together only for the kids
  • Not being able to stand up for yourself with your partner
  • Not asking for or getting what you need in the relationship
  • Not feeling supported in living our your purpose or dreams

[su_highlight background=”#FFFF66″]You can learn how overcome all of the above relationship challenges plus more if you so desire and create the relationship of your dreams.[/su_highlight]

[su_note note_color=”#FFFFCC”]

My Personal Relationship Story and How to Transform
Your Relationship Story!

I too, have had many unhealthy relationships and heartbreaks. I was previously married to an emotionally abusive man, dated a habitual liar, dated men who did not “get me” and and also had the romance of a lifetime with a great, but unavailable guy before meeting my husband.

I met Mike, “the one” for me about over 17 years ago and attracted him with a process that I now teach.

Over time, we have created our relationship to be absolutely amazing. He is my best friend, we support each other unconditionally, we successfully talk through difficult things even though he is shy and we have overcome some very difficult personal challenges while in relationship together including layoffs and health issues.

When I was younger, I considered my ability to have good relationships with men my greatest weakness. Now, my relationship with my partner is one of my greatest strengths.

If I can turn this around, you can too!

I am excited to share with you all I have learned and know works.[/su_note]

If you would like help in any of the following:

  • Attracting in and becoming magnetic to the one for you,
  • Maintaining a sense of self in relationship.
  • Learning how to communicate in a way that you feel heard and so does your partner.
  • Receiving unconditional support from your partner for your goals and dreams.
  • Setting healthy boundaries.
  • How to get your partner to stop trying to fix you or fix your problems unless requested.
  • How to easily and effectively handle money and finances as a couple.
  • How to deal with unexpected challenges that come up and rise above them.
  • How to stop trying to fix your partner and end up being glad you did.
  • How to grow with your partner so you are likely to stay together longer.
  • Put the romance back in your relationship.
  • How to stand up for yourself and ask for what you want in effective ways
  • Plus much more . . .

Then this Program Was Created With You in Mind . . .

The “Attract and Create Your
Best Relationship Ever”
Program Includes:

Part 1:

Attracting in “The One” For You

Class 1: Clarity

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In this class, you will:

  • Get at the core of what is important in your ideal partner and a great, sustainable loving relationship. This is NOT a list of 10 – 100 characteristics.
  • Learn how create a relationship that is better than you previously imagined from a clean slate.
  • Start aligning with the one who is right for you at this point in time in your evolution. You will receive a Twin Flame Alignment and Attraction Activation from Mary of Magdalene.
  • You will also be guided through a special process to support you in attracting in your Twin Flame. This is how I attracted mine. :)


Class 2: Becoming Magnetic

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  • Learn how to easily become an attraction magnet to your twin flame.
  • What to do when fears and doubts show up.
  • Steps to take that feel good, fun and a natural part of your life.
  • How to know if he/she is your twin flame.


[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]In part 2, “The Attraction Process” continues. You will learn how to create a wonderful, healthy conscious relationship with your twin flame. Learning how to do this will also help you IMMENSELY in being more confident and attracting him or her in into your life.

The entire course is created to assist you in both attracting your divine partner and educating you on how to create a healthy, sacred, happy long term relationship.[/su_heading]

Part 2:

Creating a Healthy, Loving Conscious Relationship

Session 3: Strengthening the Foundation of Your Relationship

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  • Learn how to have conversations that work even when he/she doesn’t seem to want to.
  • 3 simple keys to having effective conversations.
  • What constitutes a divine friendship and how to create a sustainable BFF (Best Friends Forever) relationship with your partner.
  • The secret to being heard by your partner. (Most people do not do this.)
  • We will do a fun role-play with a volunteer.


Session 4: How to Ask For What You Want and Get the Support Desired

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  • How to ask for what you want and get unconditional support most every time and in every area of your life (and do this in a way that works for both of you)
  • The Art of Receiving: Learn how to graciously receive what you desire and feel good about it.
  • We will discuss what it means to be vulnerable in a healthy way that enhances your relationship and works for both of you.
  • How to support your partner unconditionally in ways that work for both of you.
  • You will also receive an Unconditional Support Activation to support you in receiving the support you desire more easily!


Session 5: Setting Healthy Boundaries and Maintaining a Sense of Self as Well Time For Your Interests

[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]Love healthy boundaries aromatherapy bubble bath[/su_column]
[su_column size=”2/3″]Sometimes we lose ourselves in relationship out of desire to please or maintain the status quo. Of course, this does not work.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to keep your sense of self in a relationship.
  • The key to saying “no” without fear of losing your partner or pissing him/her off.
  • How to be assertive in a healthy way.
  • How to take care of yourself first and why that is essential.
  • You will receive a Self-Care Activation!

We will have role play demonstrations with a volunteer and show you how to practice these skills.

Session 6: Accepting vs. Fixing

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  • Learn one of the biggest secrets to having your partner love you forever.
  • How perfection can send your partner packing and how to let perfection go and what to replace it with.
  • You will learn a very cool 5 – minute game to play with a loved one to enhance your love for one another.
  • What to do when you are tempted to fix your partner or fix things for him or her.
  • How to get your partner to stop trying to fix you or fix your problems unless requested.


Session 7: Love and Money

[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]love white cute COUPLE-MONEY[/su_column]
[su_column size=”2/3″]PART 1: Money is one of the biggest challenges couples have. We each come to a relationship with our own beliefs about and ways of handling money. This can and often does lead to conflict about what you can spend money on, how to stay on budget and so on.

In this class you will learn how to make independent and collective money decisions now and in the future that work for both people.

PART 2: Romance often dwindles over the course of relationships due to job pressures, children, complacency and much more. Romance does not have to cost a lot of money.

Learn how to be romanced, put the romance back into your current relationship or have it be better than ever in ways that work for your budget, your schedule and your energy.

Session 8: Deepening and Strengthening Your Relationship Even When Times are Tough For One or Both of You

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[su_column size=”2/3″]We will review the keys to creating the best relationship ever and talk about how to deepen it.

  • Unexpected things happen along the way in life. This can include illness, job loss, miscarriages, death in family, economic ups and downs and more.
  • In this class you will learn how to not only get through the tough times, but also rise above them and deepen your love for one another.
  • These are skills you will be able to use forever as you go forward in your relationship.


Session 9 and 10: Special Question and Answer Sessions

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  • Questions will be answered at the end of each class PLUS there will be at least 2 Special Question and Answer Sessions with Coaching from Stacey. Questions may be sent in ahead of time if you cannot be there live.
  • More Q and A sessions will be added throughout the program if needed.
  • I intend to answer all your questions and am committed to do so.



3 SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUSES for those who register by END OF DAY TODAY!

Bonus Class 11: The Art of Tantra 1: Creating True Intimacy (Value $197)

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Into Me I See – This is one way of looking at intimacy – seeing the truth of who you are. Being intimate also means allowing your beloved to see who you really are.

If you want to allow your partner to be close to you and you to him or her then this class is for you. You can think of it as creating an unbreakable kinship that will last for eternity.

Bonus – Class 12: The Spirit of Love (Value $197)

[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]LOVE HEART SUN[/su_column]
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In this class, we will discuss what it is to be loving in unconditional ways and to accept unconditional love.

This is indeed an art and a journey.

You will have opportunities to practice pure love in numerous ways.

You will also practice receiving it.

Bonus – Class 13: The Art of Tantra 2: Spiritual Ecstasy (Value $197)

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Spirituality is about a connection with something bigger than you. When you are connected to Source/God there is a sense of joy, perhaps even ecstasy. Learn how to connect to your own spirituality and feel the love of Source/ God of your understanding

This class will have you feel at peace with your own connection to Spirit and being loved by God.

When you have this connection, you know you are never alone.

You will be shown how to continue to deepen this connection over time.


SPECIAL Downloadable BONUS for Everyone:

Bonus 4: 11 Universal Keys to Relationships that Last ( Value $97)

[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]Love - strenthen nurturing_relationship_HubSpot[/su_column]
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This energized handout will support you in maintaining the skills you learn in this workshop.

It will energetically enforce them plus bring them back into your consciousness.

This will assist you in continuing to strengthen and grow your relationship over time.

All You Need to Know:

  • All 13 Classes are held by phone or Skype
  • All classes will be recorded so you can listen whenever you desire if you cannot make it live.
  • Handouts and role plays are provided.
  • You will be provided with partners to practice the role plays with if desired.
  • Activations such as the Twin Flame Attraction Activation, Unconditional Support Activation, Self-Love Activation, Custom Activations and the Self-Care Activation are provided for registered participants only throughout the program
  • Program begins in May.

Total Bonuses PLUS Class Valued at OVER Over $1700.00

Your Investment:

Regular Price: $995.00


Special Price

Single Payment: $995 $795

Receive $200 off single payment. You MUST enter coupon code ‘singlesave’ at checkout to receive this discount.

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4 payments of $225.00 each

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Deferred Payments, No Interest For Up to 6 Months

If you have questions about the program or want to schedule a 15 minute phone or skype conversation, email Stacey.

About Stacey Mayo

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Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995. Since that time, she has supported thousands of people in living out their dreams. She is a Master Coach, a Spiritual Teacher, a Certified Career Intuitive, a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive, a channel for Source and Mary of Magdalene and an Energy Practitioner. She has an amazing relationship with her twin flame and has helped many others in attracting theirs and creating great relationships.

She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.


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