Sentelligent Reiki Class #1

This class is for people who are new to Reiki OR have not had the following training in it. You must be attuned to Reiki I or higher. to take this class.

I created Sentelligent Reiki via God/Source.  It is the intuitive way to use Reiki for the benefit of yourself and others.

In this class, we normally cover the following:

  1. How to do hands-on healing with animals and people in person or from a distance the Sentelligent, intuitive way (without using symbols)
  2. To access information from the higher realms/guides/spirit/God to help facilitate the healing of others and self, or for writing books, songs, poetry, etc.
  3. To sanitize your razor blades,  toilet seats, and other things etc before or after each use
  4. To purify food and beverages to make sure are safe
  5. To help pets and people relax and heal them
  6. Assist people in a way that is gentle on their bodies and their souls
  7. Perform certain energetic chiropractic adjustments

Your Investment: 

Sentelligent Reiki Class 1: includes mp3 recording of live class: $50




Written transcript available for an extra $20 (not sold separately)

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