The Sentelligent Solution for Your Spiritual Evolution Podcasts

Hosted by Stacey Mayo


Listening to Stacey has been a real game changer for me–I love what she says, and HOW she delivers her message–She is AMAZING.
Ruth Molenaar
Wellstar Health System


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Podcasts chock full of information including these topics:

  • All About the Sentelligent Solution
  • How to Be Grounded in the Earth While Ascending Up Your Path
  • How to Allow Things to Flow Regardless of the Economy
  • What is the Significance of 11-11-11?
  • Financial Stress Reduction
  • How to Love Who You Really Are
  • How to Love Yourself Where You Are
  • How to Predict Your Future
  • How to Gain Confidence in What You Know
  • Do What You Want and Have What You Want
  • The Journey to Oneness
  • The Journey to Oneness Part II
  • The Journey to Oneness Part III
  • The Journey to Oneness Continues…
  • Longevity is a Good Thing
  • Activate and Access Your Higher Sentelligence in 2011
  • Healing Ourselves and Our Medical System
  • Healing Ourselves and Our Medical System Continues
  • Good Hair Day = Good Vibes
  • I Don’t Want To Grow Up
  • How Does Overwhelm Affect The Weather Near You?
  • Peace of Mind Re-visited
  • Get in Touch with Your Inner Artist
  • Reviving Your Dreams
  • Weight Loss the Sentelligent Way
  • Fitting In, Becoming the Collective That We Are and Oneness
  • Blood Pressure and Money – how to solve health and money issues at the same time
  • Sentelligent Prosperity
  • Guest: Lynne McTaggart
  • Follow Your Heart and Attract Money
  • One Year Anniversary Edition
  • Learn to work differently, have more fun and make more money
  • Predictions for 2012
  • Making Good Decisions About Your Health and Finances
  • Self Esteem and Money
  • The energies are shifting again: what to expect in the coming months


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