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Peaceful Productivity

How do you get out of overwhelm, get into a peaceful state AND be more productive?

Here’s an idea from Dr. Steve Taubman.   It is a simple concept but who said things have to be hard?

Take one step of a project or something that you want to accomplish and engage in that step fully right now. See what happens.

6 thoughts on “Peaceful Productivity”

  1. Hi Stacey,

    Great concept for someone like me 🙂 who needs to learn how to take SMALL steps so I do not get overwhelmed by the thought of amount work to accomplish a major goal and often get stuck doing nothing. Thank You! “Just One Dish” my new mantra.

  2. Hi Stacey:

    I enjoy reading all of your articles and gaining so much from your ideas. After reading your information I get a new sense of encouragement.

    Keep up the great work!

    Candace Davies
    A+ Resumes For Teachers

  3. Stacey, is there a way I can download/keep a link to the video clip sowing for the one minute meditation that has a lady tiptoeing thru the water, talking about nature, etc.?? I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this clip and would love to be able to use it often for a OMM for myself?
    (Not sure how long it’s been on here, just noticed it this afternoon…maybe a message that I’ve not been totally in-the-moment)…..Blessings, Ola

  4. Ola, if you click on the movie itself, it will take you to the You Tube site and you can download the movie from there.
    I am glad you love it. I do too.

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