The Life Preserver

for Sentelligent Medical Intuitives

It is essential to feel competent and confident in your abilities as a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive. There is a great deal of practical information and experience that you acquired over the course of the Certification Program AND with some additional support you can really accelerate your success!

There will be questions that come up as you face challenging cases with clients and it is important that you have a life preserver, so you can get your questions answered and not feel like you are all alone at sea.

Additionally, it is important that you feel comfortable marketing and growing your business and charging a good rate for your services.   If you are not attracting as many paying clients as you would like to have, then there is a good chance you have some money and visibility blocks and also could benefit from business building and marketing strategies.

I acquire more information from time to time about new and advanced ways to help people be as healthy as possible. It is important for you keep up to date with the new information I am acquiring.  Having this information at your fingertips will make your job easier and allow you the ability to attract lots of open-minded clients who will pay well for all that you can do to help them.

There are many subjects we did not cover in the certification program including dental problems, vision, beliefs related to all of of the vertebrae of the spine, dis- associative beliefs which contribute to self-sabotage and the lack of the will to live, plus more.

I designed this Life Preserver Program with you in mind.

It includes:

1) Monthly Updates and Question and Answer Sessions where you can get :

a. Updates on new information, tools and techniques that you can use with your clients.

b. Your questions answered about your clients, medical intuitive skills, new updated information, your own health challenges, etc.

2) Bi-monthly online tips about marketing your business and growing it.

3) Guest experts such as my coach, who will speak about how to market or sell in a way that resonates with your soul, a fabulous expert who will speak on financial stress reduction and more.

4) Identification and release of money and visibility blocks that keep you from marketing or going forward on your path and making a good living at it.


1) One teleconference per month which includes time for Q and A, updates from Stacey and identification of business building/marketing blocks that need to be released for you

2) One teleconference every other month with an excellent guest teacher on marketing, financial stress reduction and similar to support you in growing your business the healthy way

3) A private website with updates posted that you can refer to, as well as a place to submit your questions, if you cannot attend the live Q and A’s

4) Great marketing and business building tips and strategies each month via email and on the calls

5) All calls are recorded

6) Minimum 6 month commitment


5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss This Support Option

1.There will likely be situations that come up regarding your own health and those of some challenging client which you don’t know how to deal with

2. Your confidence will increase when you have the ability to ask questions and run ideas by me, other experts and your peers

3. Your ability to make good money in this profession will increase as you release blocks and learn from those who know how to run a successful business and market effectively

4. You will remain on the leading edge of this field of Sentelligent Medical Intuitives

5. You will be among the first to get info on new opportunities with me such as getting client leads from me in the future (less marketing for you)

Start Date: June 26th. at 3:00 ET (check for time in your area)

Last Minute Added Bonus: For first five people who register for this support option, you will receive,   The Peaceful Entrepreneur Six-Figure Business System. Online price $495.  Retail value $2240

New Bonus:  All Life Preserver Students will receive a ticket to the next Advanced C.A.S.H. Grid Class which will include an instructional session and a Question and Answer Session, plus handouts. These classe Value $150

Your Investment:

Price: $139/month for 6 months

$119/month for 12 months

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