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Lessons in Asking For What You Want

We often don’t ask for what we want because we don’t think we’ll get it.  But how do we know unless we try? Over 25 years ago, I shared my business ideas with my boss and told him of my plans to start a company based on my passions.

My boss responded in a way that was totally supportive but asked me a question I was not prepared for. He asked, “How much notice do you want to give?” I stammered and said “ un … um … 1 year”.   To my complete surprise, he said, “okay.”.

I also asked him:
-> for the ability to work a lot less hours without a pay cut,
-> to be excused from going to corporate HR meetings and
-> requested he not tell anyone of my plans.

My boss, who was the company President, agreed to all of that without hesitation. I was shocked!

I had no idea how much time I needed to plan for and start up my new company. A big safety net was requested and granted.

What do you want that you have not asked for or gone for?

Is the reason you have not asked because you are afraid of:
-> The answer?
-> Rejection?
-> Failure?
-> Actually getting it?
-> Success?
-> Something else?

What are you afraid of? Let it come up to your consciousness.

My requests that day were bold. Asking and going for what you want and getting it builds confidence.

The truth is if you don’t ask or go for it, you definitely won’t get it. I have asked for many things in my life that I haven’t gotten.

It is important to know that even if you don’t get what you want, asking for it is a step forward and a win. Be sure to count that step forward as a success and learn whatever there is to learn from it.

If you still can’t seem to ask for what you really want or go forward in areas desired, don’t give up.

The reason you may not be able to go forward could be deep blocks in your system. Often these blocks are unconscious fears and beliefs; sometimes they are conscious. Blocks are often inherited from our ancestors. They could also be due to some trauma(s) or experience(s) in this life. Regardless of the cause, I’ve found that energy healing can help a lot.

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