Individualized Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Small Business Owners and Anyone With a Dream

The Center for Balanced Living provides very personalized programs designed to fit your individual goals and schedule. As a leader in the field of professional coaching, we work with you in making your dreams come true faster and with less struggle.

Professional Coaching: A Blueprint for Success

A winning athlete depends on a coach for support, encouragement, energy, focus and a strategy for improved performance.

A professional coach can bring the same benefits to your life and give you the power to see past the clutter and confusion that may be limiting your success. She helps you to let your brilliance shine without feeling like you have to be the one to do everything by yourself. You can learn to get out of your own way and live out the potential that is already deep inside you. With a coach by your side, it is easier to stretch to places you may have been unwilling to go alone, thereby allowing for faster growth in all areas of your life.

Through professional coaching, you can get in touch with your inner brilliance and make your biggest dreams a reality while maintaining healthy relationships with those important people in your life.

Stacey Mayo has developed her practice through her own life experience, growth and research. Over the years she had identified and created her life’s work, her own successful business and a fulfilling relationship with her soulmate. This provides her a unique understanding of the various stages faced by each client in the creation of what is most important to them. She is also a Master Certified Coach, affiliate of Coach University and member of the International Coaching Federation.

“Stacey Mayo was my coach during a critical time in my life – one of those times when I was ready to expand my business, and yet still too afraid. I am happy to say that from her coaching I was able to do what I wanted, and have not stopped since! Stacey is a blessing to all with whom she comes in contact, and more, because of the ripple effect. I recommend her highly!”

~ Laura Overstreet Biering

How Does Professional Coaching Work?

It is a partnering relationship that goes beyond simple lists and goal-setting systems to create for you targeted, one-on-one feedback and guidance to help you progress toward your business and personal goals.
We brainstorm with you to develop a plan for achieving what you want from your life and career — then work with you on a personalized basis, challenging you to stay on track and to stay committed to your own choices.
Action plans are then designed for you to follow through on your dreams. The techniques utilized in success coaching are designed to help you take responsibility for your own life in creating a career and life you love. Coaching sessions do not follow a strict format but are customized based on the needs and goals of the individual.

One-on-one coaching provides comfortable conversation with a coach who knows what questions to ask to help you identify your passions, uncover the blocks that are stopping you, and guide you to go beyond those blocks to reach new heights and make your dreams come true.

What do I have to do?

1. As a client, you are encouraged to look at your life…career and non-career areas to see where you are versus where you ideally want to be. All aspects of your life are taken into consideration when making your dreams a reality.

2. It is imperative that you commit to having what you want in life. That is the only way it will happen. If you are unclear, commit to gaining clarity through the coaching process.

3. Be willing to take responsibility for your own success (and failure), communicate fully with your coach, have a positive mental attitude and have fun in the process.

Schedule a  Free Consultation

Find out if coaching is right for you. The only cost to you is the phone call. Simply send an email and tell us a couple of times that work well for you and we’ll schedule a phone appointment. Be sure to include your time zone.

“Stacey Mayo was a huge help to me, as a coach, at a time when I was struggling to move forward. She assisted me in removing blocks and raising my energy so I can get back on track. The progress I made during one of her 6 month programs amazed me and I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to her again when needed.”

~ Viki Stanley-Hutchison

People Who Are Well-Suited to Dream Coaching

Entrepreneurs and WannaBe’s

If you are in business for yourself or are considering it, you know how lonely it can be. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Now you can hire a coach to be your partner in success without sharing half the profits! A coach will help you sort through all your many ideas and focus on making the best ones happen, will brainstorm with you new and better ways of doing things, encourage you to keep going when the going gets rough, help you define what success means to you and teach you how to be more successful than you have ever been before.

In addition to individual coaching, we also have a group coaching program that is well-suited to the entrepreneur entitled Living Your Dreams. It is a companion program to my book, “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!”


Individuals can be responsible for their own career development whether they are within an organization or have their own business. You can no longer depend on your boss or Human Resources to do this for you. With a coach you can learn how to: * create your own success path and have time for a personal life as well; * more effectively manage your employees and your boss, * improve your communication skills to be more effective on and off the job, * tap into your inner brilliance, become a star contributor and earn more money without necessarily working more hours, * have more fun, and * create brand “you”.


Whether you want to write and sell a book, perform on stage, record a song, sell your artwork or use your creative talents in one of a million ways, a coach can help you to enhance and utilize those talents in a way that works for you. You can learn to overcome blocks around perfection, marketing, rejection, business building, performance anxiety and many more.

You were born with unique talents. A coach will work with you to let those talents shine and reach your monetary goals as well.

Successful People

If you have already had success in one or more areas of your life, you are likely to do well with coaching. With a coach you can learn to translate the success you had in others areas to your new dream. But sometimes a bigger dream requires letting go of old success patterns and learning new ones that are suited to the bigger playing field you are approaching. A coach will look with to you see what is working for you and what is getting in your way so that you can win at that bigger game you’ve been dreaming of.

“I have been working with Stacey for almost 10 years and I highly recommend her. She is a fantastic career and business consultant and has been a critical influence in helping me transition between jobs and planning and growing my own business. She is a great partner to have through both personal and business endeavors.”

~ Mary Brady, President,

Other Areas to Focus On with a Coach

Business and Personal Relationships

Great relationships are important to your ultimate success and fulfillment. No one was meant to do it alone. Learn how to create and attract great, supportive relationships into your career and personal life. Learn how to ask for and receive help, delegate effectively, communicate the truth respectfully without offending others, accept others as they are and acknowledge them for their gifts which are different than your own, give unconditionally without feeling drained, set and maintain healthy boundaries and more. If you have not yet met your soulmate, we can even talk about how to attract him/her into your life.


How do find the time to create a life you love when your life is already so full you don’t hardly have time to breathe? In the coaching process you can learn how to re-prioritize your life in accordance with your values, focus on the things that are important to you and in alliance with your brilliance and say no to or delegate those things which are not. See how clearing out the clutter in your life and your mind will open up room for your creativity and more of what you want in life.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Consulting is offered in conjunction with coaching or as a stand alone service. This technique is used by Stacey Mayo to clear the body of blocks that are in the way of total health and wellness. She is able to help you clear physical blocks such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds and toxins as well as emotional blocks.

Together these things account for the major causes of most illnesses. This is a non-invasive process which can be done over the telephone.


To make changes that will lead to a life that is both fulfilling and healthy requires building that confidence back again. In the coaching process, you will learn how to identify your strengths again and find ways to emphasize them in all areas of your life, take small steps to regain confidence, learn how to handle life’s obstacles and have a partner who supports you every step of the way.

Obstacle Busting

Many people experience fears or blocks when faced with making changes in their life that take them outside their comfort zone. When these blocks have a strong emotional component that cannot be logically talked through, I use Dominion Over Self ™ as the main tool for releasing beliefs and other blocks that are in your way. It is extremely powerful, yet gentle on the soul

I have used energy healing techniques such as DOS to help people overcome fears about money, dealing with authority figures, public speaking, rejection, making calls, dealing with difficult people, abandonment, lack of control and other stressful situations.

*** The Coaching Process ***

Coaching is easily suited for use over the phone. In fact, even clients living near the Center for Balanced Living take advantage of the ease and convenience of “tele-coaching.” Typically the first two sessions are scheduled for one hour each. These are the in-take sessions where your coach really gets to know you, what’s important to you and we set goals together of what needs to happen for you to have what you want in life. After that, there are two – three 45 minute sessions per month. These sessions are shorter and held more often to keep the momentum going and assist you in going past blocks and obstacles to create what you want. When facilitating healing, the session may go an hour or even a little longer.

You will also be given “assignments” each week to complete. These “assignments” are suggested activities to increase the speed and effectiveness of your work with Stacey.

Schedule a  Free Consultation

Find out if coaching is right for you. The only cost to you is the phone call. Simply send an email and tell us a couple of times that work well for you and we’ll schedule a phone appointment. Be sure to include your time zone.

Rockport Institute Career Test

Utilizing your talents and delegating those things that you are not so good at is imperative to your success. This optional comprehensive 3.5 hour test measures your natural aptitudes and abilities and personality. It can be taken in the privacy of your own home and gives great insights into your abilities and weaknesses. By learning to capitalize on your strengths, your path to success can be easier and quicker than ever before. This test can be used in conjunction with the career coaching process or it can be purchased separately and includes a one-hour phone consultation with a career coach. Click here for more information on the assessment.

Start Living Your Dreams

We even provide a Free Initial Consultation to answer any questions you have about the Center for Balanced Living and to determine if our Success Coaching is a good fit for you. The phone consultation generally lasts 30 minutes and the only cost to you is the phone call. Click here to contact us and tell us some times you are available and your time zone and we’ll schedule an appointment right away.

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