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If Things Are Not Flowing, Then …

The energy in the world is that of chaos and destruction and it is hard to stay focused on one thing or another for many people at this time.

The election is affecting the energy of the world and the people in it at this time. The way people are acting in regards to the election is not aligned with peace and harmony and is causing disruptive energy everywhere right now.

If you are trying to make something work right now and it is not flowing, let go and surrender. It is likely to flow more easily after the election is over, regardless of who wins. We predict it will take 5 days after the election for the energies to settle down.

Hurricane Sandy is affecting the NE United States which is where there is a lot of negative energy about the election. Negativity and slander abound more in these places. The hurricane’s purpose is to clear out that energy and allow people to start from a cleaner slate.

This means that after the election, we can start from a new slate and will be more likely to make progress, at least for a while, regardless of who wins.

Some of you may want nothing to do with the election or avoid listening to the news and information about it. You may find yourself in ‘escape mode’. Let that be okay and also look at when else in our life you tend to escape and your patterns around that.

This is also a good time to take care of yourself, get caught up and prepare for what is next on your agenda and in alignment with your higher purpose.

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