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How to Develop High-Level Expertise!

How I Became an Expert in Many Fields and You Can Too!

I first started my business over 25 years ago as a career coach. Soon after I took training and got certified as a master coach and career coach. It didn’t take long before I realized that many people had deep blocks in the way of gaining clarity and moving forward in a career or business and in becoming as successful as desired.

Traditional coaching was not always enough to help people move forward.

What could I do?

Regular coaching wasn’t helping as much as needed. They could understand something logically but still not take action. Sometimes they took me around in circles by asking for help in every aspect of their life except career. I didn’t mind helping them in other areas like relationships, health, succeeding in their current job, etc. and learned I was quite good at it.  But they weren’t getting the answer they supposedly came to me for which was clarity on a meaningful career they would love.

New skills were needed and attained.

In 1996 I learned my first healing modality called EFT.

I used the healing modality on myself first. Energy healing worked better than therapy for clearing blocks, fear and resistance in one’s way. (Many of my clients at that time were in therapy.) I always try things on myself before offering them to clients. That such worked for me, often worked for others who were drawn to get help from me.

This technique helped heal what was in the way of people moving forward when logic was not enough. My clients shifted and made progress quicker.

After a while, EFT became arduous and took a lot of effort and time.  It wasn’t working on my deepest challenges or those of my clients. I went to other healers and tried other healing modalities and found nothing else that really worked well for me.

I learned how to create a better healing method that was easier to use.

That was the beginning of a huge shift in my career.  I got an intuitive hit that I could create my own healing modality. After trying different methods of creating healing modalities, I wound up with one I really liked. I called it The C.A.S.H. Grid. It empowered people in their own healing process and was wildly popular. Since that time, I’ve created healing modalities that help people even more than my first one. I did this because over time, it became apparent more was needed to help people with chronic and persistent challenges.

It took a while before I would call myself a healer.

It had so many negative connotations in my mind. Who was I to call myself a healer? It seemed too high and mighty for a mere mortal. What would my family annd friends think?  Over time it became easier to refer to myself in this way.

Similarly, it took a while before I would call myself an author.

I worked on my first real book for 3 years off and on. It was self published as I did not have the patience to get it published or the belief that a publisher would accept it due to it’s unusual format.

I am not sure when I started referring to myself as an author. It may have been after I won an award for best self-help book. The fact that I won shocked me. I was certain that many other authors who entered the contest for non-fiction books were much better than me.

It also took a long time to refer to myself as an artist

It also took me a long time to refer to myself as an artist even after I started selling paintings. My good friend and husband were referring to me this way long before I did.

How to Become a High Level Expert in Your Field

  • Think about what you would like to create?  Do you want to be an expert in something or a higher level expert if you already are one? Does it seem feasible? Is it within your current capabilities? Is it learnable? Is there a small step you can take towards it?
  • Open to knowing you can do this if you really want to. By silently saying,  “I open to knowing how to be an expert in “x” field”, your mind opens to find the answers/solutions.
  • If it’s not something you really want to pursue or doesn’t seem feasible at this time, intend for clarity on what you really want to create now and commit to doing what’s needed to make it happen.
  • It typically takes take time to be able to do things at a high level of expertise. (My first drawings were terrible.*) Keep persisting and keep learning.
  • As you improve, allow yourself to claim your abilities and any title that may go with it. This builds confidence.


If you would like help becoming an expert or a higher level expert in a particular field . . .

I’ve created energy attunements that take you to new levels of ability quickly. This is how I became a better artist and high level healer and how I’ve helped many clients become tops in their field. I also hold coaching and VIP mentoring sessions that I combine with high level healing. For some expert abilities the energy attunements I’ve created are sufficient, for others more healing and mentoring is needed and desired.

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If you are not sure what services are right for you and your situation, contact us using this link and tell us what areas you want help in and Stacey will scan to see what will help you the most. If you have a budget, let us know that too.

PS. Here’s a link to see some of my more current drawings/art.