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Energy healing from master level healer


If you have used energy healing to clear blocks in the past, but feel there are still blocks in the way of having everything you desire, there probably are.

To find and clear these hidden blocks, Master Healer, Stacey Mayo , created this free energy healing audio. This energy healing audio is short to make it joyful to use. Listen as often as desired.

It will never over-process you or conflict with anything else you are doing. This is true  even if you are very sensitive.

Stacey has found that some issues are deep with many hidden blocks and take longer to heal.  If  some of your issues take a long time to heal, be patient. 

It is a good idea to notice the positive shifts that occur in your life after listening to this audio. There will likely be many.

Note: During the silent times in the audio, your system will be scanned for hidden blocks.

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ABOUT STACEY MAYO, MASTER ENERGY HEALING: Stacey Mayo, Master Level Energy Healer

Stacey Mayo is the creator of many energy healing modalities and “Solutions by Stacey”.  She is a Master Level Medical Intuitive and a Master Level Energy Healer.  Mayo founded her energy healing business in 1995.  Since that time, she has created many high level and very effective energy healing modalities and distance healing programs.

If you are interested in becoming a healer or medical intuitive yourself, Stacey also teaches and certifies people to become Medical Intuitives and Master Level Energy Healers.

Mayo has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women, Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Woman’s Day and  the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

She is the award-winning author of “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid to Do This!” and was named Georgia Author of the Year for Best Self-Help Book.

If you choose to have a healing session and/or reading with Stacey, she will tap into the core causes of whatever ails you.  She uses very effective master level energy healing modalities to facilitate your healing