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Confidence for Shy or Reserved People

If your tendency is to be shy or you know someone who is, then keep reading or forward this on.

Shy people tend to withhold their thoughts and opinions more.

Confidence can help anyone including shy people come into their own and express themselves more fully in a way that is safe and effective. 

There are many aspects to confidence.  Confidence in communicating is an  especially important one for shy people.
I had a shy client named “Jim” who came to work with me specifically on confidence.
After working with him on his confidence in communicating, he found that he started expressing things so profoundly,  that he surprised himself and others with with his wisdom and his witty sense of humor.
Prior to that, he either withheld or blurted things out in a way that sometimes offended or turned people off.
Jim also found himself frustrated that no one would buy his services. He  is really good at what he but didn’t know how to communicate it in a way that works.
Over  approximately four months, his communication and marketing skills improved immensely as did his relationships with peers and loved ones. He increased his income, attained important goals and dreams and his life as got a lot better in many areas.
If you are shy and would like any of the following:
  • more confidence in communicating,
  • you want to improve your relationships or create new ones,
  • you want to move forward in areas where you have been stuck and/or
  • you want to improve your skills in certain areas,
  • Other _______


The Confidence Game can help you increase your confidence and skills in most any area plus support you in taking steps forward in healthy ways that feel good to you. 

Everything that Jim received working with me personally, can be attained in The Confidence Game at 1/2- 2/3 the cost of personal sessions. This program is a combination of customized, gentle energies that increase your confidence and skills in profound ways along with training classes, coaching and brainstorming to support you in having what you desire in life.

Love and blessings, 
PS.  While The Confidence Game is a group program, you do not have to participate out loud to get benefit. You can send your questions to me ahead of time and let me know what areas you want more confidence in and you will be supported in those areas. To learn more about how the program works, visit: 
PPS. If you do not know what you most need confidence in, let me know that  when you sign up and I will tap in and access information on what areas of confidence will likely help you the most.  It can be things other than those listed at

PPPS. If you would like to have a f’ree 15 minute conversation with me first  to see if I am the right coach for you, if this program is a match and to better understand what areas of confidence will help you the most, use this link to schedule a time to talk.