Confidence Class Audios:


Confidence Bonuses:

    1.  Step by Step Spiritual Guide to Manifesting Dreams
      1. Step by Step Download
    2. Big Yes Bonus
      1. “Big Yes” Play Sheet – handout that guides you to determine your “Big Yes”
      2. Talent Quiz
      3. “Big Yes” Audio Class includes Guided Meditation
      4. Questions for Confirming “Big Yes”
    3. Peaceful Entrepreneur Six Figure Business System
      1. Living Out Your Dreams Home Study Course (includes book and workbook)
      2. Letting Go of the Money Struggle (All 3 Parts)
      3. Top Ten Tips To Be Successful in any Economy
      4. The Art of Relaxation: Living Your Dreams With Less Effort
      5. Top Ten Steps to Building Confidence
      6. How to Get Out of You Own Way and Transform Your Life (interview)
    4. Rhonda Ryder’s Copy-Magic Templates
      1.  (Retail Value: $497) Register At the Link Below To Receive Your Bonus: is easily the most expensive cost you will have when getting started online. With this package, you receive Rhonda’s Copy Magic “Fill-in-The-Blank” Templates to help you quickly and painlessly complete your copy for your next project.This package includes:2 Opt-In page Templates
        2 Sales Letter Templates
        2 Email Templates
        2 Short Video Script Templates

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