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Compound Stress

Compound Stress!

What the whole world is suffering from

By Stacey Mayo, Master Healer & Master Coach 


The whole world is affected by what I am calling “Compound Stress”. This is the build up of stress on top of stress on top of stress over the past few years. This is a level of stress that we have never experienced in our lifetime.

We have been living with stress so long, we don’t realize how it’s affecting us. It’s causing tension in people’s heads, in their organs, jaws and whole system. Most people don’t realize this tension is there as it has built up gradually over time.

This compound tension causes health issues on all levels and makes health issues harder to heal. When there is tension in our organs, we don’t know it. If not dealt with, it causes bigger health challenges over time.

Even if you think you are dealing with stress well and what’s going on in the world and your life well, it’s time to take it to new levels. 


Here are Common Ways Compound Stress Affects People and Animals:

Which of these can you or a family member relate to?

You might also notice some of these symptoms in people you know.

-> More reactive/quick to temper or judge

-> More tension and/or pain in  body

-> More tension in organs (this is true for most everyone and we do not feel it.)

-> More illness  (including more frequent cases of cancer)

-> More accidents

-> More tension in relationships or people you know are acting differently

-> More mistakes are being made

-> More forgetfulness

-> Increased stomach aches and digestive issues

-> More headaches, migraines and sinus infections

-> Fatigue/low energy

-> Depression

-> Sadness for what seems like no reason

-> Inflammation 

-> Difficulty focusing

-> Isolating or don’t feel like talking

-> Excess weight/eating/unhealthy eating 

-> Drinking more alcohol

-> Addictions

-> Recklessness

-> Career and income challenges

-> Plus more …


Where Does Compound Stress Affect People the Most?

It affects our skull which affects everything including:

    1. the mind
    2. the brain (the control center for our body)
    3. your spine
    4. your whole body

You may not realize your skull is tight but I have found this is true for pretty much everyone on the planet.  

What Can You Do About Compound Stress?

No one knows how long this level of stress will exist.  If we wait until all goes back to “normal”, we could be waiting longer than is healthy for us.

It is important to find ways to relax, have fun and deal with stress more effectively.

Here are some ideas:

You may already be doing some of these. Try doing more of these as more is needed in these times.

-> Gently rub your body where it is tight 

-> Stretch frequently 

-> Exercise 

-> Dance 

-> Do physical activities that you enjoy in ways that work for you

-> Get frequent massages

-> Socialize in ways that feel safe

-> Try new things to get out of a rut

-> Find new ways to have fun that resonate with you

-> Talk walks in nature

-> Meditate

-> Get adjusted

-> Move your body more

-> Receive  healing for the deep stress and tension patterns that have formed


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