YES! I’d love a one-on-one breakthrough session with Stacey!

Thank you for your interest in Learning to LIsten to Your Body with Stacey!  This is geared towards people who want to better understand what their body is saying, save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical costs, supplements and medications for you and your family over your lifetime. It is also for those who would like to be medical intuitives and help other people while earning great money.

We will spend 30 minutes to help you have a breakthrough around your fears about being able to do this work, getting accurate information, or whatever is stopping you from having optimum health, maintaining your proper weight, aging gracefully and having a passionate, fulfilling and abundant life.

Serious inquiries only.  Stacey will only do these  breakthrough sessions with 10 people. A 30 minute session with Stacey is normally $250.


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    How to Listen To Your Body and Better Understand It?Medical Intuitive Certification Class (to become a professional Sentelligent Medical Intuitive)

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