I am excited to have you in the How to Listen to Your Body program. There is a lot of content that is in sizeable portions that are easy to digest. The best thing to do is listen to one recording per week or read one transcript per week. Set an appointment with yourself on your calendar for a certain time every week to do this.

The recordings and transcripts are housed on a private site. You will be signed up for entry to the private site within 48 business hours and will receive notification when you can login.

Please submit your questions and requests for clearing old beliefs and blocks to me on the private forum which is housed on that site as well. It is your responsibility to ask for your bonus clearing sessions. These are done virtually so no appointment has to be set. Simply email me with your symptoms via the private forum and I will let you know when the blocks have been cleared.

As was stated on the website. You are taking this class risk free. You should be able to complete the program in 9 weeks. If at the end of that period, if you have listened to all the recordings or read all the transcripts and are not satisfied that you received what was described in the program, you can get a full refund. Otherwise, your tuition is not refundable or cancelable. If you have a personal or family emergency, contact me and we can discuss extending the guarantee period.

Sometimes, things come up for people, when they sign up for a program like this. If something comes up for you, let me know via the private forum and I will support you in releasing any concerns, fears, blocks, etc and will do my best to answer all your questions.

If you have any logistical or technical questions, please contact us at assistATsentelligentsolution.com

Here’s to your health, wealth and happiness.


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