Listen to your Body and
Understand What it is Telling You

Be Healthy and Happy and Have more Peace in Your Career, Relationships and Finances

Most of us don’t have a clue what our body is telling us. We ignore it, medicate it, or cut it out; but none of that cures what is at the core. If we ignore what our body is telling us, we are likely to have the same physical symptoms repeat themselves or have new ones occur.

I want you to learn how to listen to your body so that you can be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. The same things that affect your body, affect your ability to attract money, healthy relationships and live your your dreams. My clients experience wide-spread success in all areas of their lives.

If that resonates with you, then I want to invite you to take part in a series of special tele-class sessions. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to discuss your own symptoms and learn more about what your own body is telling you. You, like many of my clients, can learn to become more sentelligent and have improved health, success and more inner peace.

You can participate in these unique sessions by phone or Skype. If you are unable to participate in a class, you may even listen to recordings or read transcripts afterward.

It is a great idea to participate in the live tele-class sessions as you are able to have discussions and dialog about your own symptoms. But, if you are unable to attend one of the live tele-classes, you can submit questions and interact on the forum about your symptoms as they relate to the topic of each class.

Here is what you will learn in each class:

Class One: Listen to Your Body – Understand the language your body speaks. Physical symptoms is the way your body tells you what is going on in your body and your mind. It is important to understand what these symptoms tell you in order to determine the cause of those symptoms.

Knee and joint problems
  • Knee and joint problems
  • Sore muscles or other parts of your body
  • Inflammation
  • Kidney issues

I have worked with several people with kidney issues. In order to heal, it is vital to understand both the symptoms and the issues.

Class Two: Listen to Your Body – Learn to understand what supplements and foods are needed by your body to heal you in addition to core issues. Learn to muscle test.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Multiple symptoms
  • Back problems
  • Vertebrae and what it means when they are out of alignment

My C1 vertebrae, also known as the atlas, used to go out all the time. Once I got on track with my higher purpose, it did not go out anymore. I have helped many clients do the same. Once we are on track with our higher purpose and fully aligned with it, it is easier to attract money and find true health.

Class Three: Listen to Your Body – Learn what questions to ask yourself, your doctors, alternative practitioners to be sure you are doing what is right for your body:


  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Fingers and Toes

You can learn to combine things like inflammation with parts of your body like legs, hands and fingers and understand more of what it is telling you.

Class Four: Listen to Your Body – When to release core issues and when to use supplements and how to eventually get off supplements and medications. How to avoid surgery and why that is a good idea.


  • Heart
  • Blood pressure
  • Blot clots
  • Varicose Veins
“I have been on blood pressure medicine for about a year and did not want to be on it any longer. During our reading, I got clarity on what was causing my blood pressure to zoom and it was a bit of a surprise to me. I understood the depth and magnitude of the core issue and when we released it energetically, my blood pressure lowered itself quickly. I am grateful to you for this, knowing that now my body can continue to heal itself. We healed anger towards many people at one time including my boss. And I was surprised to see how nice she was towards me that very same day that we had the session. It was unusual for her to express her appreciation for me so wholeheartedly. Thanks so much.”
Edie Tewelde, Employee Relations Manager
Class Five: Listen to Your Body – What happens when you release blockages energetically. The difference in various release techniques.


  • Thyroid
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Hormones
  • Feet
  • Bladder

We assisted a man who had too much estrogen to get his hormones in balance without medication of any kind by understanding his body and proper diet.

Class Six: Listen to Your Body – What happens when you release blockages energetically. The difference in various release techniques.


  • Excess Weight
  • Nose
  • Liver
  • Headaches and Migraines

You can learn how some of these symptoms can be in the way of you having your ideal relationships, career and more.

Here’s What You Will Discover:

1) Your body talks to you all the time and every bit of it means something.

2) What your specific symptoms mean now and also understand things that may come up in the future.

3) The meaning of at least 75 symptoms physical and emotional ailments/symptoms.

4) How listening to your body can improve your relationships and finances.

5) What questions to ask before you take a supplement, medication, work with a doctor or practitioner.

“Hi Stacey, I want to share the good news from my neurologist. At my last appointment, he called me a “miracle”. Since you and I have been working together there has been no advancement of my MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) (confirmed by MRI) AND I am symptom free!!!! This truly is a miracle for someone who has had MS for 15+ years and was very ill. Now I feel even better than I did before MS entered my life. Stacey, you are a gifted healer. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your special gift with me and helping me to get my life back. I have so much to look forward to now. Many thanks!”
Cheryl Bozello Vogt, New York
Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor


“I have chronic fatigue and it took all my energy to focus when I was in a room or on a call with a group of people it drained my energy and was very intense for me. After doing a healing session with Stacey, I felt calm, confident, focused, connected and UNSTOPPABLE. Thank you!”
Ola Otto, Colorado
Creative Memories Senior Consultant

You will receive:

      • Six one hour classes (two per month)


      • A 60 minute MP3 recordings that you can listen to on your computer at your own pace as many times as you like


      • Transcripts of each class which will act as reference material for you in the future


      • Access to an online forum where you can ask questions and where you can interact with others, esp. if you are unable to attend the class live

Ok, I am interested! How much does it cost?

What is your health and your relationships worth to you?

No matter how large or small your symptoms are, this will help you for a long, long time.

You can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctors bills, chiropractic bills, supplements and therapists bills and still have re-occurring symptoms until you understand what is behind the symptoms.

The full cost of this class is normally $797. But, for a limited time I am giving you the opportunity to invest in yourself for only $497. You save $300. You may also choose a payment plan works with your budget.

Just click the “I am Sentelligent” button below to register and receive instant access to some great bonuses.


Date April 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm ET.

Listen live by phone or Skype or listen to recordings and read transcripts
Each class is 60 minutes

Early Bird Registration : $495

3 Pay plan: $195/month for 3 months
(available through March 28)

2 Pay plan: $275.50/month for 2 months

Bonus 1: A draft of my book, What is Your Body Telling You. This is great for individuals like you as well as those in the healing profession as well as health and wellness coaches. It lists many diseases and symptoms and their underlying causes. This is not available to the public, Even if you have Louise Hay’s book, which is great, you will learn more about how to listen to things specifically as they relate to you and what to do about it. Value $24.95
C.A.S.H. Grid

C.A.S.H. Grid

Bonus 2: Two C.A.S.H. Grid Healing sessions for your symptoms With this method, we heal all the way back to the point of origin for a symptom that you have. Most healing methods only heal current lifetimes and miasms (generational issues). For many symptoms, this is not enough (Value $250)
Bonus 3: EBOOK- How to muscle test so you know what food and supplements are right for you. It is easy to listen to people on tv and practitioners and health stores about what is right for your body. But you are only guessing. Your symptoms may indicate something different. Too much of anything is not good for you and your supplements may not work well together (value $24.95)

PS. Even if you have Louise Hay’s book, which is great, you will learn more about how to listen to things specifically as they relate to you and what to do about it.

Stacey Mayo is very intuitive and brilliant at getting to the root of what really ails us without prescription medications. I highly recommend her tools and her high and positive energy.

Heather McMillan, Atlanta


Additional “just added” bonuses for the first 11 people who sign up:

Additional Bonus 1: Two more C.A.S.H Grid sessions. These are done virtually, to heal more layers of the symptoms that are bothering you. This means you would get a total of up to 4 C.A.S.H. Grid Sessions done virtually without you having to even show up or call in to release the blocks so your body can heal itself. Value $250

Additional Bonus 2: The ability to email me via a special link with your questions about your body and your nutritional needs so I can be sure your supplements and diet are in balance (value $311)


Total Value of Bonuses: Approximately $900


Listening to your body is Sentelligent and so is taking care of yourself and listening to your guidance and making healthy choices.

Have questions?

If you would like to discuss further or are not sure if you could be trained to do this, please CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary, conversation with Stacey to determine if this program is right for you.


About Stacey:Stacey Mayo A well-known coach with a wide following, Stacey Mayo was a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. As director of the Center, she and a team of powerful coaches have assisted thousands of people across the nation in living out their dreams with amazing results. Stacey is a Master Certified Coach, an Intuitive, creator of The Sentelligent Solution and The One Minute Meditation, a member of the International Coaching Federation, a graduate of Coach University, and is certified as a career coach through Rockport Institute. She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University. Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Woman’s Day. She is a popular public speaker and author of I Can’t Believe I Get PAID to Do This!, named Best Book by USA Book News and for which she was recognized as Georgia Author of the Year. Stacey specializes in intuiting what people need to do to get out of their own way and attract all the resources they need to attain their highest goals with less effort than they thought possible.


Total Value of How to Listen to Your Body So You Can Understand What it is Saying to You is $1600

Sign up now for only $495

It is absolutely amazing the way this works and I can’t wait until you experience it yourself in the Living an Empowered Life Program!

Early Bird Registration : $495

3 Pay plan: $195/month for 3 months
(available through March 28)

2 Pay plan: $275.50/month for 2 months

100% Risk-FREE Guarantee

I know how valuable this process is and how quickly it will change your life, but if you are not happy for whatever reason you can request a “No Questions Asked” Refund and we will process your 100% refund right away.

Just email us within one week of the last class. As long as you either attended all the classes or listened to all the recordings, you can get a 100% refund the class is over and you have either attended each class or listened to the recordings. You can keep the bonuses as our gift!

In other words, I’m taking all the risk so you don’t have to. You get a chance to take the whole class and see if it’s for you. If it’s not, just email us and we will give you a refund. This really does take all the pressure off of you because if you try out the whole class. You really have lost nothing. There is zero risk.

Early Bird Registration : $495

3 Pay plan: $195/month for 3 months
(available through March 28)

2 Pay plan: $275.50/month for 2 months