This program is about empowering you to do, say and create things from a place of wisdom, calm centeredness and in a way that is in the highest and best of all! AND it’s about healing faster!

The New Empowerment Package Includes the Following

1. Art From Stacey’s New Empowerment Art Collection! 

   You select which pieces of art you like and they will be:

  • Energized to Empower You For Life in Ways That Are in Your Highest and Best and
  • Energized to Help You Heal 1 Billion x Faster in An Area You Select and

  • Energized with a A Master Level Wisdom Activation for Life:
    This will bring out your innate wisdom and sharpen your mental acuity and help you to be empowered in wise ways.

3. Bonus Master Level Genius Activation! 
4. Bonus Overcoming Challenges Activation! 


The Art: Stacey’s New Empowerment Collection

 26 Prints to Choose From . . . 

Custom Energized

There are 26 Limited Edition Prints to choose from. Each was created by Stacey Mayo and is signed by the artist, printed on fine art metallic paper and mounted on 2 mm styrene.



1) The art will be energized with a proprietary master level energy modality to empower you in ways that are in your highest and best for the rest of your life. It will also open up your wisdom and mental acuity so you are more likely to act from a grounded, centered wise place.

2) You can also have your art custom energized to help you heal 1 Billion x AS FAST in one area of your choosing

Examples: self esteem, self-worth, health, success, relationships, prosperity, etc. 



  • The proprietary energy modality used to energize the art will help the whole person, including your ego, heal in chosen areas much faster than you would without it. It will not over-process you or cause side effects. It is extremely gentle such that you won’t feel it and it is very powerful.
  • This modality is different than Grace or any of Stacey’s other healing modalities and her previous healing art modality.. It will catalyze Grace and any of Stacey’s other modalities and anyone’s else’s healing modalities to work faster and more effectively in the area you choose
  • If you are not currently using or receiving energy healing, it will heal at a very high Master Healing Level.
  • All you have to do for it to be this effective is be within 10 feet of the art for 30 minutes/per day. The art can be placed from 0 to 10 feet in front of you, behind you or on either side of you. It can be facing you diagonally or straight on. It can be in a open or closed container of any type and still be just as effective as long as it is within 10 feet of you.
  • If you are within 10 feet of the the art for longer than that, it will be even more effective.
  • If you are within 10 feet of 2 pieces of this art that are energized the same, it will be twice as effective as with 1 piece of this art. If you within 10 feet of 3 pieces of this art that are energized the same, it will be 3 x as effective as 1, etc. If you have art that is energized differently, they can all be within 10 feet of you and you will get the full benefit from each. The maximum number of pieces of art you can have in 1 space and still get benefit from each is 20 pieces of this energized art. No amount of this art for any length of time will hurt you.
  • No other energy modality in the world will do this.
  • You will be taken to a form where you can write down what specific area* you want each piece of art you purchase to be custom energized with after you check out. (examples: health, love, self-esteem, relationships, intuition, wealth, etc)
  • You can purchase more than 1 piece of art and choose to have each piece energized to heal a different area of your choosing ( health, relationships, self-esteem, prosperity, etc.)



  • If you were to buy master level healing, it would cost you approximately $100 for a one hour session.
  • The cost of this empowerment package is less than the cost of 2 master level healing sessions
  • You own this healing art forever and it keeps on healing for the rest of your life.
  • You don’t have to frame it as it is mounted on styrene and can be put on a tabletop easel on a piece of furniture, stuck on a wall or even laid on your nightstand or any surface. ( of course you can frame it if desired)



  • Ships worldwide
  • You can purchase as many as desired for yourself and/or as gift(s) to someone you want to empower and help heal.
  • Prints are signed by artist.
  • You can hang the full sized prints in your home and/or office. They are mounted on 2mm styrene so you can frame them, hang them unframed or place them on a mini-easel on your desk, nightstand, coffee table or any surface.
  • Allow for 4-5 weeks for printing and U.S. delivery. International delivery may take longer.

Introducing Stacey’s New EMPOWERMENT COLLECTION!

Created and Energized by Stacey Mayo

Click On the Art Image to See it Larger


If you don’t see a piece of art you like, email Stacey directly and let her know what you would like and she will see if she has it.
Email Stacey by clicking this link.

Here’s what people are saying about the ART and these HEALING ENERGIES:

I Just Got My Angel Picture and She is So Beautiful!
Hi Stacey! I just got my angel picture and she is so beautiful I love it! I am so grateful to have her! You are very talented! I also love the way it is packaged very securely for shipping!

Sonja Curtis

The Horse Picture is Beautiful! I Love It!
The horse picture is beautiful! I love it! Being passionate about horses, have ridden and had horses all my life. He is just stunning, you are very talented in many ways !! Thank you so much. The is in my bedroom so I spend lots of time with him !!

Maxine Pattenton

After 1.5 Days With Your Art, I Had Virtually No Pain!
I had your Light Over the Ocean art for 1.5 days before going to India and was in front of it for many hours.
I notice I am drawn to it. I feel calm and peaceful when sitting in front of it.

Went to India and my schedule was grueling with 8 hours a day on my feet. I found I could move with ease and virtually no pain in my leg that had been at pain levels of 8 previously. I was standing and walking and on my feet the entire day. Even even in heels, there was no pain .

The only thing that was different in my life was your art.

Thank you!


My Thyroid is Doing Better Since I Got Your Art!
I sense my thyroid is doing better since I got your art. Thank you so much.

Larry J.

I received my art and absolutely love it. Please keep making more of your art available.

–Judy M.

Since receiving my art, my back is stronger and I am able to do gardening and heavier lifting again!

–Marty D

I notice that my symptoms pass much more quickly since I’ve had the art. Yay!

–Pearl C

My husband’s business has grown a lot since he put your art in his office. We are both grateful.

–Robin S.

I have more confidence in being myself lately. Thank you.

Nancy W.

My cat is benefiting from the art too. Her eyes are clearer and she is able to move her neck with more ease. She even looks cuter.

–Charlene W.

When I think about the political situation in our country and the world, it still bothers me but not as much. I do what I can to help the world and others and then remember I am the creator of my own life. It helps to focus there.

–Maria T.

My mouth was so sore and painful that I could barely eat. That cleared in just a few days without ever going to a doctor. Thank you.

–Barb N.

My whole family’s skin looks better and my husband and I both look younger and feel more attractive. Thank you!

–Lori R.

My dog has better habits. He asks to go out for walks each morning while before we had to carry him outside. Thank you!

— Jack B.

I am amazed at how good my intuition is. I have been right on the money on things I sensed in my daily life.

— Paul G.

I am master of my own destiny . . . not a victim. I never considered myself a victim before but this is a definite shift to feeling more empowered in my life. Thanks much.

Yvette S.

“I hung my art in my living room and love it.Three days later, I noticed I am taking a lot more initiative and am getting  much more accomplished than ever and am doing it with ease”.
— Keri N.
‘Thanks so much for the beautiful print. I am settling less and asking for what I want in a way that works.”
— Elaine D.
“I placed my art in my office and am creating wins-wins with my customers and doing more creative marketing in my business.”
— Martha C.
“I love my Vogue Collection prints. I am trusting my intuition and taking actions in alignment with it.”
— Angela W.

“I opened the art I ordered from Stacey today and am very happy!  It is beautiful.  It looks even better than it looked on the website. Thanks so much.”                                                                           — Adriano C., Canada

If you have questions about the art, email Stacey by clicking this link.



Value: $599.00

For purposes of this activation, your Genius is defined as something you are exceptional at.

This activation will start as soon as you purchase this program. It is done via a proprietary master level modality and 24/7 distance healing.
It aligns you with your genius and ability to silently claim it.

This Genius Activation will connect you with knowing your Genius and open it up to higher and higher levels for 1 year.

It will open up areas of Genius you may or may not have known you had. Certain Genius areas may have been known abilities that weren’t previously at the exceptional level.

Exceptional is defined as “unusually good; outstanding”.

Your IQ may or may not increase with this activation.

If you already received a Genius Activation from Stacey, you will receive a new one with each NEW art purchase to open up your genius in other areas. It will start as soon as you place your new art order.

This activation is 3,000,0000 times more effective for this topic than any of Stacey’s healing modalities sold online and than any other known Genius Activation.

My Wife Recently Called Me a Genius!
I am an idea man and now see it as an exceptional/genius ability. My ideas have been flowing more and are of a higher caliber. My wife recently called me a genius. It was something no one had ever said to be before and felt really good. Thanks.

Paul C.

I Never Thought of Myself as a Genius
I never thought of myself as a genius but now I have a new appreciation for my abilities. It’s different and fun to see 2 of my gifts as my genius. What’s even better is these abilities have been getting better/stronger! Thank you.

Keri J.


Value: $599.00

You will be sent this Master Level Activation as soon as you complete your purchase. It will be sent via distance healing and will continue for one year. It is customized for each person and sent 24/7.

Challenges come up in life whenever they do. This activation will support you in dealing with challenges more effectively, rising above them or whatever is in your highest and best, from a more grounded, centered place.

Challenges included are of every type from dealing with difficult people or situations, handling something that didn’t work as intended, dealing with unexpected issues such as software or a computer not working right, a team member leaving, something not happening on schedule, overwhelm, someone not showing up, slow computer, poor health, an accident or even losing a job. It includes any kind of challenge that may arise.

You will be sent healing energies to healing what is in the way of you handling life’s challenges successfully and with grace and ease. As new challenges arise, you will be sent what is needed to support you in the moment. Your ability to handle different types of challenges will likely improve over time. In some areas, you may notice a quick shift, in other areas it may take more time to notice a shift. This will depend on how deep the issue is.

This activation is 3 million times more effective in this area than any of Stacey’s healing modalities sold online.

If you already received this bonus from Stacey, you will receive another one to help you even more. It will not over-process you or be hard on you in any way. It will start as soon as you place your new art order.

Here’s what some people have said:

I find myself creatively coming up with solutions to problems.

— Walter D.

I am calmer when challenges arise, knowing there is always a solution. And sure enough, a solution nearly always shows itself.

— Kristi N.

I find that plausible solutions pop into my mind and out of my mouth more often. It feels good and I feel smarter.

–Nancy G.



Save $$$ on Healing For Everyone Who Lives With You

Receive Beautiful Art PLUS Bonuses Worth $1200

Bonus Activations Start as Soon as You Purchase the Empowerment Package!. (They will not conflict with any other healing work you may be receiving)

You can buy these packages for self and others.

You will see the prices on the checkout page when you click the link below.

If you need help with your purchase, contact assist @ sentelligentsolution.com

About Stacey Mayo:

Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™, Eye Healing Transmissions, Regenerate and Grace Healing Transmissions and Energetic Gene Replacement Healing Process. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 and has been in business for over 20 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive and teacher of Medical Intuitives and a Master level Energy Practitioner.

She is an award-winning author, has appeared on the CBS evening news segment Confident Women, and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, and Woman’s Day. She is the Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

REFUND POLICY: You have 30 days to examine the art once received. If not satisfied you may return it for a refund. Art must be returned in excellent condition to qualify for a refund. If the art is returned for a refund, your healing and bonus activations will be stopped at that time.
No refunds or cancellations otherwise. The activations start within 24 hours after purchase (unless requested otherwise) and scanning starts immediately. Sometime it takes more than 30 days to see a difference in certain areas, depending on the depth of the issue. If that happens, it means issues are healing on deep levels. 


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* This healing modality has not been found to help heal mental illness.