Adventurous Spirit Program Resources 2019

from Stacey Mayo


Bonus Audio: Having Everything You Desire 2.0

This audio has been re-energized with our latest healing technology to help you clear the blocks faster that are in the way of what you want. Listen as often as desired.

Healing Handout:

How to Tell if You Are Healing

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Stacey’s Distance Energy Healing:


Audios of Classes: (will be posted here within 48 hours after each event)

Dates of classes are September 9th, 16th and 23rd at 11:00am ET.

Check www.timaanddate,com for the time in your area. Convert from New York time.

Webcast links will be posted below for each class 1 week before the class.

September 9th
September 16th
September 23rd

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