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Your bonuses are being sent to you via remote healing 24/7. There is NO audio to listen to. Here is a description of your bonuses.


Money Attraction Assistance For Your Entire Lifetime
Remote Healing

This special bonus will help you attract money 900 x faster than using Pkg A by itself. (on average)

Many people have deep blocks to attracting money that can take a long time to heal. This energetic assistance will be custom for each person and will support you in having more money while the deep issues are healing.

When you combine this with the rest of the program, you can attract money 1800% faster than with Grace healing or any other energetic healing modality known today (on average).

Please note percentages above are not guaranteed. They are based on averages.


Energetic Feng Shui For Life: For Your Current Home, Office and Car
Remote Healing

When this bonus is sent with Package B, benefits are 1900% more effective (on average) than using Pkg A by itself.

Your current home(s), apartment or living quarters, office (if you have one) and car will be energetically feng shuied 24/7 everyday for your entire lifetime. For your home, this includes the entire lot.

If you own an entire office building, it will include the entire property.

It includes all cars you personally own.

Feng Shui energies will be sent remotely. They will be custom for you and the inhabitants of your home every day of your life. This is done via a proprietary process and sent by God/Source.

The energies from this bonus are 900x more effective than what Grace Healing can do and 400x more effective than having a Master Feng Shui Practitioner feng shui your location in entirety.




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