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What’s Affecting Your Energy?

Many people do not absorb all of the protein and minerals they need from the food they eat.

This can affect your strength, your mental clarity, memory, ability to focus, your moods, your immune system and more.

On an emotional level, you may not be absorbing how great or smart you are or aren’t absorbing something else about yourself or your life.

On a physical level, absorption can be affected by:

1) Yeast being out of balance
2) Metals in your system
3) A viral, fungal or bacterial infection
4) DNA of others in your digestive system
5) Genetics
6) Other toxins such as chemicals from plastics, chemotherapy and more
7) Constricted pathways due to inorganic compound from drugs and supplements taken in the past
8) Parasites
9) Stress
10) Plus more . . .

Absorption issues can take a while to heal. Often times a number of your organs and systems such as liver, gall bladder or lymphatic system need to heal to get the toxins out of your system properly without causing further problems or harsh detoxing.

You can purchase protein and mineral supplements from health food stores, but often times they have ingredients that are not right for you which can cause other problems.

I have created energetic protein, minerals and nutrients that are customized for each person. There are no side effects from these. These are included in my healing modality called Grace.

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