I am excited to have you in The Sentelligent Purpose Intuitive Consultant Training Program that begins towards the end of March or beginning of April 2013. Exact time and date to be determined by the participants.

Here are a couple of things we need you to do right away: 

1) Please email Stacey AT SentelligentSolution.com and let us know what days and times do NOT work for you between 11 and 4 EDT,  Tuesday – Thursday.

We always find a time and day that works for everyone who wants to be in this program.

2) Be sure to purchase a copy of  “I See Your Dream Job” By Sue Fredericks. You can purchase it on Amazon.com. This is required reading for the class.

You will receive another email with the exact time and date the class will meet and the dial-in number.   It will meet 2 x month.  You will also receive access information to a private website where you will be able to access the audios, handouts, and connect with others in the class and myself.

I know how valuable this program is and how quickly it can change your life and the lives of others that you work with, but if you are not happy for whatever reason you can request a refund  at the end of the program and we will process your 100% refund right away.

You must email us within one week of the last class. To receive a refund, you must have either attended all the classes and/or listened to all the recordings.

In other words, I’m taking all the risk so you don’t have to. You get a chance to take the whole program and see if it’s for you. If it’s not, just email us at the end of the program and we will give you a refund. This really does take all the pressure off of you because when you try out the whole program there are no unknowns, so there is zero risk.



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